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Trends & Traditions Workshops

Trends & Traditions Quilt Symposium
Manchester, NH
August 17-19, 2016
Evening Welcome Reception Tuesday, August 16
~Part of World Quilt New England~

Join Rosalie Dace & Frieda Anderson
as they explore
the Trends & Traditions of Quilting Anderson-Dace Learn from the past while studying the bright future of quilting
at the Trends & Traditions Quilt Symposium.

At the Trends & Traditions Quilts Symposium you will immerse yourself into the study of quilting’s current trends and past traditions. Among the activities that are part of the Symposium, each student will participate in one full-day workshop with both Rosalie Dace and Frieda Anderson.

Rosalie, who travels to Manchester from Durban, South Africa, is a studio artist with a background in art and education. She has been working in the embroidery and quilt world since 1975. She has judged, taught and exhibited extensively in the U.S., Europe, Australia and New Zealand and finds that these activities combine her interests admirably.

Rosalie Dace’s workshop is titled Going Round in Circles. From buttons and dinner plates to automobile tires and even the earth itself, circles surround us. In this workshop, you will look at them, slice them up and have fun sewing them! Used symbolically in all cultures, circles are a strong design element and focal point, adding power and visual interest wherever they are used. In this hands-on sewing class, students will discover the possibilities of circles as they learn how to use them to make a quilt top. From perfect whole circles to eccentric and concentric circles, a variety of spirals and helixes, arcs and wedges, students will learn how to break up, divide, piece, appliqué, fuse, overlap and stitch to make a dynamic and exciting work. Emphasis will be on design and practical sewing tips and techniques, and we will also discover how other artists and crafts people have used circles in their work to create character and emphasis.

Frieda Anderson‘s original quilts are inspired by colors from nature and the scenery that surrounds her in her Midwest home of Elgin, Illinois. Working with her own hand dyed cotton and silk fabrics is fun and challenging; the dyeing process is always a surprise. Frieda, who has been making quilts for over 40 years, teachers and judges internationally.

FriedaTTWorkshopCreative, Crisp Curves – An Intentional Improvisational Class is the workshop that Frieda will present to the Trends & Traditions students. Artists think of improvisation as a form of play, which may lead toward discovery. Some new idea may be lurking in our subconscious; by playing around with line or shape, color & value, order or layout, we may discover something new and wonderful that will bring our work to life. This class is designed to help the student let go and work intuitively while learning to use precise curved piecing to create a one-of-a-kind design.

Special Note: This symposium will be limited to 50 registrants. It is only available through the printable registration form on our website that can be emailed, mailed or faxed. You may also call 215-862-5828 to register. (You cannot register for this symposium with our online check out.) If you are interested in participating in this new concept symposium, feel free to contact us directly.