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Join Frieda Anderson to Explore the Trends & Traditions of Quilting

 Join Frieda Anderson to Explore
the Trends & Traditions of Quilting

August 16-19, 2016
Manchester, New Hampshire

For those interested in studying the current trends and past FriedaAndersonWebtraditions of quilting, join Rosalie Dace and Frieda Anderson as they explore the Trends & Traditions of Quilting. This new symposium, which is part of World Quilt New England, features workshops and lectures presented by a world-renowned faculty. Included is Frieda Anderson who is eager to spread her knowledge and passion for quilt making to students planning to participate in the Symposium. Frieda’s love for quilting is contagious. You won’t want to miss her at the Trends & Tradition Quilt Symposium, August 16-19, 2016 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Frieda, who has been making quilts for over 40 years, teachers and judges internationally. She made her first quilt when she was in high school. She has always made things, and loves the process of creating. In college, she majored in Art History and minored in ceramics, but eventually found herself returning to fiber because it was more satisfying.

Frieda commented, “I can’t remember when I didn’t sew. For years, my focus was designing and making clothing. All that changed in 1992, however, when I was in fashion design and realized that all I wanted to do was make quilts. I have been designing and making original art quilts ever since.”

She finds each step of quilt making, from the beginning to the end, a real challenge. She says that it is hard to say what part of quilt making she likes best. She loves the pure creativity involved in conceiving and designing a new quilt. She loves to piece and she loves to fuse. She has found that by fusing smaller pieces, she can work out design issues. Then, she likes to make a bigger, bolder statement and piece the same quilt in a large format. Frieda’s original quilts are inspired by colors from nature and the scenery that surrounds her in the mid-west.

About 30 years ago, Frieda discovered hand-dyeing fabric. Working with her own hand dyed cotton and silk fabrics is fun and challenging, and now she works almost exclusively with her own hand dyed cottons and silks. She loves the dye process, and particularly enjoys seeing the colors emerge from the wet fabric; the dyeing process is always a surprise. Her hand dyed fabric and original patterns can be viewed on her website where readers can also enjoy her weekly updates and tips. Visit www.friestyle.com.

Join Frieda at Trends & Traditions for her Intentional ImprovisationAndersonT&T2016_Curves Class – Creative Crisp Curves. Frieda wrote, “We artists think of improvisation as a form of play which may lead toward discovery. Some new idea may be lurking in our subconscious; by playing around with line or shape, color & value, order or layout, we may discover something new and wonderful that will bring our work to life. This class is designed to help the student let go and work intuitively while learning to use precise curved piecing to create a one of a kind design.”

Moving Forward with a New Tradition – Art Quilts is the title of Frieda’s 6:00 pm, Wednesday, August 17 lecture. Learn from this expert what it takes to become an Art Quilt and make your mark in the quilting world with fabric. Building from the traditional beginnings of quilting and making it your own takes inspiration and imagination. Frieda will share her journey with you.

Finally, on Friday, August 19, Frieda will lead the Trends & Traditions Adventure Tour to the New England Quilt Museum and Canterbury Shaker Village. The tour will challenge participants to identify what they think is traditional versus a current trend. Were the Shakers traditional?

Be sure to take advantage of the amazing talent Frieda Anderson expresses as an instructor during her stay at the Trends & Traditions Quilt Symposium!

For complete details about this exciting new Symposium, please visit Trends & Traditions on the web.