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2017 Quilt Competition Winners


Oaks, Pennsylvania     September 14-17, 2017

Not Fade Away Quilt Competition


BEST OF SHOW:  #4004 Atomic Synergy by Deborah  Levy
PNQE17 4004a
PNQE17 4004b

BERNINA 1st Runner-Up Best of Show:  #1007 Respite by Sandy Curran
PNQE17 1007a

First Place:  #1006 When My Spirit is Set Free by Teri L Cherne
PNQE17 1006a     
Second Place:  #1001 The Big Bang by Kathie Beltz and Mara Novak
PNQE17 1001a

Third Place:  #1009 Dialogue by Rachel Derstine
PNQE17 1009a                     
Honorable Mention:  #1021 Life and Times of the Attitude Birds by Lydia Erika Middugh
PNQE17 1021a

Best Hand Workmanship:  #1010 Women Rulers by Connie Harris Farrington
PNQE17 1010a 
Best Sewing Machine Workmanship:  #1027 Words for a Good Life by Carolee Rounsaville
PNQE17 1027a                
Best Longarm Machine Workmanship:  #1023 Points and Zigzags by Catherine Palmer
PNQE17 1023a

Best Use of Color:  #1012 The Midnight Musician by Marlene Fenoglietto
PNQE17 1012a

Best Interpretation of Theme:  #1022 The Shot by Leslie A. O'Brien
PNQE17 1022a                    
First Place:  #1032 Decadent Victorian Darlings by Hattie F Williams
PNQE17 1032a                
Second Place:  #2033 When the Stars Come Out by Diane Wingo
PNQE17 2033a

Third Place:  #1020 Paradise In Blooms by Joyce McComas
PNQE17 1020a                
Honorable Mention:  #2002 With Milk and Sugar ... ? by Rhonda Adams
PNQE17 2002a

Best Hand Workmanship:  #2005 I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends by Stephanie J Braskey
PNQE17 2005a   
Best Sewing Machine Workmanship:  #2014 Afterglow of Summer by Lorraine A Ennis
PNQE17 2014a                          
Best Longarm Machine Workmanship:  #2020 The Doctor's Wife by Debra Lohman
PNQE17 2020a

Best Use of Color:  #2022 Butterflies by Jan Lucas
PNQE17 2022a

Best Interpretation of Theme:  #2013 Flowers from My Grandmother's Garden by Claudia Dimond
PNQE17 2013a                 
First Place:  #4003 Whistling Winds in the City by Cindy Carey
PNQE17 4003a                          
Second Place:  #4010 Climbing Your Ladder by Janet Schoenfeld
PNQE17 4010a

Third Place:  #4002 Connect the Dots by Sue Bower
PNQE17 4002a                  
Honorable Mention:  #4011 The Neighborhood by Janet Schoenfeld & Maria O'Haver
PNQE17 4011a

Best Use of Color:  #4005 Off-kilter by Rebecca Moyer
PNQE17 4005a

Best Use of Negative Space:  #4009 Miro and Me by Stephanie Zacharer RuylePNQE17 4009a

Best Interpretation of Mid-Century Theme:  #4013 Mod Blocks 2.0 by Betsy Vinegrad
PNQE2017 4013a           

BEST WALL QUILT:  #3008 A Silver Lining by Lisa H Calle
PNQE17 3008a
PNQE17 3008b

Second Place:  #3031 Autumn Forest by Carolyn L Olsen
PNQE17 3031a

Third Place:  #3001 Everyday Rust … Faded Glory by Esterita Austin
PNQE17 3001a

Honorable Mention:  #3047 Drawing Nigh by Betty Jo Tatum
PNQE17 3047a

Best Mid-Century Mod Wall Quilt:  #3007 Night Moon by Maxine Shall Burkholder
PNQE17 3007a

Best Hand Workmanship:  #3051 Joyful Blooms by Joyce L Wuehle
PNQE17 3051a

Best Sewing Machine Workmanship:   #3036 The Toymaker by Sheila Riess
PNQE17 3036a

Best Longarm Machine Workmanship:  #3004 Nathan's School House by Daria Bernard
PNQE17 3004a

Best Use of Color:  #3020 Where is Everyone? by Susannah  Kipp, Jane Frenke, Phyllis Hagstad, Shirley Hillgren, Dawn Lewis, Colleen Tavenner & Lin Vance
PNQE17 3020a

Best Interpretation of Theme:  #3023 Lime Ammonite II by Kimberly Lacy
PNQE17 3023a
Frieda Anderson:  #3042 S Spiral by Sheila Shepherd
PNQE17 3042a

Bobbie Bergquist:  #2007 Berries & Blossoms by Katherine Carrington
PNQE17 2007a              
Pepper Cory:  #3010 Two Heads are Better than One by Donna Chambers
PNQE17 3010a                                
Paula Golden:  #1024 Flying Off into the Sunset by Jamee Pemberton
PNQE17 1024a

Dierdra McElroy:  #1032 Decadent Victorian Darlings by Hattie F Williams
PNQE17 1032a
#2011 Edith and Irene (central detail) by Rich Danner
PNQE17 2011a