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Special Exhibitions


World Quilt Competition – On Tour
See the exciting international entries of the 2017 World Quilt Competition - On Tour along with ribbon winning entries from the United States. This outstanding collection of quilts highlights the skills of quilters from around the world: Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.
Sponsored by Handi Quilter, Innova, and www.quiltfest.com / Mancuso Show Management, Inc.

Attitudes – Fiber Art by Eileen Wintemute
Attitudes The Krew web
This exhibit was inspired by those folks in our lives that give us ATTITUDE. I admit that there are times when a little less attitude would be welcome, but most of the time displays of attitude makes us chuckle, roll our eyes, or shake our head. Attitude to me is a sign that people are feeling the spirit of life! Sometimes they are full of themselves, or just full of bologna, but many times attitude is a sign of confidence and a willingness to put oneself out there! It doesn’t matter if the attitude is good, bad, right or wrong, it evokes a reaction from those on the receiving end. Here’s to all of you out there with attitude and the spark you give our lives! Pictured: The Krew

Challenge Accepted – Orlando Modern Quilt Guild
sullivan cree
This year we are showing recent work that can be described as a challenge in some way – be it a Guild-wide challenge, a personal challenge, a technical challenge, or a quilt where the artist encountered a challenge. Here we are showing how we’ve taken on challenges and seen our visions to completion. The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild was established in 2010 and is a branch of The Modern Quilt Guild. OMQG is a non-profit organization formed to inspire and support its members in their enjoyment of and growth in quilt making. We promote an interest in and appreciation of the art of quilt making. We also assist our community by creating quilts and other fabric projects for those in need. More information can be found at theorlandomodernquiltguild.blogspot.com. Quilts pictured are by Anne Sullivan & Marge Cree.

Challenges – International Threads
International Threads is a group of international textile artists from several countries. Internationally known artists Katleen Loomis (US), Barbara Lange (Germany), Gillian Travis (UK), Bella Kaplan and Eti David (both Israel) and Uta Lenk (Germany) have been working to group challenges posed by a member of the group, limited to one size. They started exhibiting together a few years ago. This exhibition is a small selection from the output of this endeavor.

Design Inspiration – Out-of-the-Box Design Group 
Barbara Uttormark Out of the BoxThe members of the Out-of-the-Box Design Group in Jupiter, Florida each interpreted the same photo in one of many possible design styles: Representative, Abstract, Impressionistic, Geometric, etc. The beautiful quilt pictured on quiltfest.com is by Barbara Uttormark, and is a representational interpretation of the photo.  Come to  World Quilt Florida in January 2018 to see all of the out-of-the-box interpretations this creative group came up with and compare them to what you might have done. 



Effervescence – Gone to Pieces Quilters
Gone to Pieces Quilters

Each year we choose a different theme for a challenge. For 2017, each participant was given a third of a yard of the fabric design “Effervescence” (black background with multi-color circles) to use in a quilt. No other rules were required. The quilts were exhibited at the Cummings Library in Palm City for a month. We receive many accolades from viewers who may not quilt, but appreciate our efforts. We hope you enjoy our quilts as much as we enjoyed making them. Pictured: Challenge fabric and a Challenge quilt.

Fly Me to the Moon
Apollo 6 800Artists from 8 countries created art quilts celebrating man’s first walk on the moon including quilts that commemorate iconic images from the news; recall personal memories of July 20, 1969; honor the Apollo Missions; recognize the Apollo Astronauts; investigate moon images; examine NASA’s tools; explain myths; define moon idioms; replay the music inspired by the moon; visit pop culture icons; and make us fall in love again under the romantic moon. The quilts are varied in style, but the theme is always the same, the moon. These quilts tell the story of our fascination with the moon from the dawn of time through the Apollo moon walks and beyond. Fiber artists have stretched their creative muscles to draw the viewer in to the world of science, romance, history and fantasy. This exhibit has something for everyone. Pictured: Apollo 6


The Forecast for Tomorrow is ...  – Miami Art Quilters
Here in the tropics the weather can change in an instant. From downpour to rainbows from calm sunshine to hurricane and everything in between. As artists, we are keenly aware that weather affects everything - our moods, our health, and possibly our survival. Through this collection, we attempt to examine some of the many faces of Florida weather.

The Hoffman Challenge – Mastery
2017 marked the 29th year of the Hoffman Challenge with quilters, home sewers and garment/accessory makers putting their skills to the test. Hoffman Fabrics and Aurifil are celebrating the creative path taken by quilt makers and home sewers with Mastery, designed for the 2017 Hoffman Challenge. Participants used either the colorful Blooms or the sister Charcoal version of the fabric. The breathtaking digital-print floral collection was inspired by the magnificent works created by the Old Masters such as daVinci, Michelangelo, Carvaggio, Rembrandt, and Leyster. Challenge entries are accepted in the quilt, home decor (living room - pillow, runner, rug, wall hanging, etc.) and clothing/accessory categories. The 2017 Challenge is co-sponsored by Aurifil.

Innovation On Tradition--Seven Gold Coast Quilters Guild Women Who Carry the Torch
This exhibit celebrates the artistic achievements of seven of the many Gold Coast Quilters Guild members who perpetually strive to enhance their skills and stretch their abundant ingenuity to create quilts that dazzle and inspire.
Shapes – Quilters Innovative Design (QID)
As children we explored shapes. We drew circles, boxes (rectangles), stick people and even created stories involving our drawings. Frequently, we designed shapes that were simple, colorful and resulted in displays on the family’s refrigerator door! As quilters, now we cut out shapes and sew them together to create wall hangings and quilts (which sometimes tell stories!). This year, members of Quilters Innovative Design decided to study, experiment, and create with the word “Shapes.” Who knows where our imaginations will take us? And instead of the refrigerator door, our creations will hang in the Mancuso’s World Quilt Florida show! Quilt pictured created by Bernie Mayer.

Stitching with Friends – South Florida Modern Quilt Guild
Modern Medallion QAL Askew Deborah KrajkowskiThe quilts in this exhibit were made by the members of the South Florida Modern Quilt Guild and are the products of our workshops, educational presentations, and creative challenges. All of the quilts are the direct result of the maker being a member of SFMQG. Notice that even though the theme is the same all the resulting quilts are very unique. The seeds of SFMQG were planted in 2011 by a small group of quilters who met regularly in a local quilt shop. We formalized as a non-profit modern guild under the wing of the national Modern Quilt Guild in 2015. We are an active and diverse guild with members from Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Martin counties. Our interest is in modern quilting, which can include many approaches — reinterpreting traditional ideas with modern fabrics, using modern design aesthetics like negative space and alternate gridwork, improvisational piecing, and embracing simplicity and minimalism. Modern quilting, like all art, changes, grows and adapts from quilter to quilter as they follow their own thoughts then Stitch with Friends. Pictured:  Askew by Deborah Krajkowski.

Strip Tease III – Palm Beach County Quilters’ Guild
Our guild members love this challenge! This will be our third time using this idea. Each participant turns in one yard of brightly colored fabric and then receives fourteen 2 1/2” strips of assorted fabric in return. The member is then required to use a portion or all of each strip with any other fabric or fabrics of choice. The finished object can be no larger than 120 inches in perimeter and can be anything that falls within the parameters of a quilt. The results are diverse, colorful and terrific to behold.

Summer Florida Flip Flops – Hibiscus Quilt Guild of South Florida
SummerFL Ice Cream webWhat is more Floridian then Summer Flip Flops all year long. Each member that participated in the swap was to pick a letter that was contained in the words “Summer Florida Flip Flops.”  From there they were to make a 18” x 18” quilt which had flip flops depicting something that starts with the of their choosing.




Symbols – SAQA Latin America
SAQA LatinAmerica SymbolsSymbols are everywhere. They are part of our daily lives. They represent or substitute for something. Some symbols are very popular around the world, universal. Others are only familiar to a small group of people or cultures. Symbols substitute words and represent ideas. They carry different meaning depending upon one's background. The meaning of a symbol is not inherent in the symbol itself. Rather, it is culturally learned. Man and his symbols are fascinating. This exhibit showcases works created by Latin American members of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates). Their perceptions, intentions and creations offer to the public the opportunity to reflect about symbols from a different perspective. Each artist focused on a particular symbol or a group of them, integrating meaning to their work. SAQA’s "Symbols" exhibit is an innovative way of celebrating the power of synthesis and human imagination. Curated by Deda Maldonado.

Water is Life: Clean Water & Its Impact on the Lives of Women & Girls Around the World
Lily Grace and Thirsty Women by Susie HaasWater is Life: Clean Water and Its Impact on the lives of Women and Girls Around the World is comprised of forty-one quilts made by artists from Europe and North America. The exhibit, which highlights the crucial need for access to clean water for women and their families, opened at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland to commemorate World Water Day 2016. “Water is Life” is a joint effort of Quilt for Change (www.quiltforchange.org), a Rhode Island non-profit project dedicated to using quilting to raise awareness of issues important to women, and American Exchange Rome (www.american-exchange-rome.org). Pictured: Lily Grace and Thirsty Women by Susie Haas.


What Makes a Quilt Modern – Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild
Paradise Central Central FL MQG“What Makes a Quilt Modern?” is a display of quilts made by members of the Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild meeting in Lady Lake. While the definition of “modern” is subject to interpretation, it is possible to note modern characteristics within each quilt. Fabric choices and design elements are aesthetically essential. Fabrics: Displayed quilts are made with bold, bright colors; graphic prints; high contrast; or solids only. Design: These include but are not limited to: graphic shapes; exaggerated scale; asymmetry; negative space; minimalism; improvisational piecing; pixelation; alternate grid work; traditional blocks made modern; and big stitch hand quilting.


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