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Special Exhibits

Special Exhibits

World Quilt Competition XXII: On Tour
4001aSee the exciting international entries of the 2018 World Quilt Competition along with ribbon winners from the U.S. This outstanding collection of quilts highlights the skills of quilters from around the world: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and North America. Sponsored by Handi Quilter, Innova and Mancuso Show Management. Pictured: From the 2017 World Quilt Competition, St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna by Ursula Bierbaumer-Bohle, Germany.

New Quilts of Northern California
This juried exhibit is an annual PIQF favorite. View the work of Northern California’s most well-known and upcoming quilt makers. This amazing exhibition of recent works is presented by the Northern California Quilt Council and curated by NCQC Board members.


2018 Applique Design Challenge Quilts

Sue Pelland Designs organized an Appliqué Design Challenge to encourage creativity while using the Sue Pelland’s Rotary Cut Appliqué templates. The challenge was to create an original quilt design using appliqué elements that can be cut with Leaves Galore and/or Hearts and More templates. A 30” x 30” finished quilt gave quilters space to create their own design with appliqué elements made with Sue Pelland Designs tools. All designers started with one of four Kaffe Fassett’s Cameo panels. The oval center of the panel was required to stay intact on the quilt top. Quilts were judged on the best use of the Rotary Cut Appliqué shapes and the best overall design.

American Folk Heroes – Leotie Richards

FolkHeroesBannerAmerican Folk Heroes is a series of twelve art quilts created as fabric portraits of unique and compelling Americans. Some of the heroes are quite well known like Bob Dylan and Amelia Earhart while others such as the black American Arctic explorer Matthew Henson will be a surprise to many. The intent is to bring their deeds, talents, and accomplishments to light for the inspiration of the viewer. The quilts incorporate cutting-edge quilting techniques and unusual textiles such as leather and fur.

Beyond Our Borders – Rachel Clark, Gayle Hazen & Corlis Taylor
Corlis Gayle Rachel
The Beyond Our Borders exhibit features the intersection of quilting, wearable art, and ethnic fabrics from the hands of three women who share a love of color, textures, and travel. Friends for over 20 years, Rachel, Gayle, and Corlis have created garments that reflect their common interests in the patterns and cultures of some of their favorite places.


Cardinals web

Boundaries – The Art Quilt Association

Boundaries are created in many ways. They can be officially designated, be culturally expected, or mentally imposed. Whatever their origin, when breached, a change results that may give more freedom or a new direction. Any boundary can be moved, and may not always be apparent when crossed.

Calendar Challenge – Country Crossroads Quilters

August Hot Dog aka Dog in Heat by Shelly DameronWEB
Each member of the Country Crossroads Quilters randomly drew a calendar month. Then, they were callenged to create a 22” x 18” quilt with that month’s traditional flower, birthstone, or something else to do with that particular month. Pictured: August - Hot Dog aka Dog in Heat by Shelly Dameron.

Comic Book Icons of Color

The Green Lantern, Storm, Black Panther, Spawn, Falcon, and Blade are just a few of the superheroes who didn’t come from Krypton. Marvel, D.C. Comics, and Anime all have their own crime fighting characters who don’t look like Bruce Wayne. Here are a dozen of the most popular.

Cool Classic Rides 3 – Textile Art by Teresa Shippy

CCR3 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air BackendThrilled to be back for my 3rd “Cool Classic Rides,” this collection incorporates trains and planes in addition to a new variety of cool classics. The concept originated with the first exhibit which debuted in 2013. The 2016 collection of vintage rides (CCR2) included different makes and models and were larger pieces of work with unique embellishments. Each ride consists of approximately 15-25 pieces of fabrics which are stitched together on a hand painted cotton canvas background and enhanced by thread work. In addition, each ride is created using leftover fabrics from cut-up quilts, vintage ties and wool scraps. Take a walk down memory lane and enjoy the latest rides. Pictured: 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air.

Drips and Splatters – Quilts on the Wall
DripsSplatters Dripping in Red by Linda Stone
What makes this exhibit exciting is that the theme, Drips and Splatters, can be expressed as the subject of the quilt or as a technique used to create the work of art. Examples of Drips and Splatters are many as they occur everywhere. They can be a result of carelessness, sloppy painting, cooking, washing or spilling. They often occur if one is in a hurry or not paying attention. They occur in nature: a little boy jumping through puddles, splashing as he goes, or rain drops falling. Examples of Drips and Splatters as process or technique include to drip or splatter paint, dye, various kinds of fibers, beads, small pieces of fabric, etc. on the background to create the effect. The possibilities are limitless. Pictured: Dripping in Red by Linda Stone.

Inspired by Nature – Quilts by Nora Deans Hekkers
Reef Fish at Night WEB
My quilts weave together my love of fabric with my career in writing about the sea and the natural world. I bought my first fabric as a teenager in a market in West Africa, triggering my lifelong love of textiles. Drawn to quilting by the graphic beauty of antique and Amish quilts, I learned to hand quilt, then machine-pieced and quilted large traditional quilts. Today, I create contemporary raw-edge appliqué quilts inspired by the intricacy, whimsy and fanciful shapes, colors and patterns of sea life. Pictured: Reef Fish at Night - Nora Deans Hekkers.

Log Cabin Quilts: Infinite Variations – San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles
The log cabin block has long been a favorite of quilt makers. The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles presents Log Cabin Quilts: Infinite Variations, a selection of 19th and 20th century quilts from their permanent collection that graphically illustrate just how versatile the log cabin block can be. Come test your quilt history knowledge and see if you can identify these variations: Barn Raising, Courthouse Steps, Pineapple, Sunshine and Shadow, and Straight Furrow!

Mountain Art Quilters

The goal of Mountain Art Quilters is to develop our art quilt expertise through guest speakers and demonstrations by members who teach new skills and techniques. Our quilts are all original, from design concept to completion, often created in response to a specific challenge theme. MAQ members enjoy lasting friendships, inspiring and encouraging each other.

Protecting the Environment that Sustains Us – Presented by the Pointless Sisters Art Quilt Group

Spotted Owl A Hero Ellindale WellsThe members of the Pointless Sisters live within an incredibly beautiful and diverse region of forests, agricultural and urban lands in Sonoma and Lake counties, California. For this exhibit the group challenged themselves to portray the threats our population and environment face from the consequences of fire/flood/droughts and development. Our mission is to bring environmental awareness through our art to our community using a variety of surface design techniques including mixed media, photography, weaving, stitching and painting. Pictured: Spotted Owl, A Hero - Ellindale Wells.





Put A Bird On It!

The Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists (beyondtheedgefiberartists.blogspot.com) are pleased to present their latest exhibit entitled “Put A Bird On It!”. While the theme may conjure avian images in the mind of the viewer, the amazingly original art work provides an insight into each artist’s individual vision and their interpretations of the subject. The diversity of their dreams is truly a gift.

Quilters Treasure 14th Annual Challenge

QuiltersTreasure 2018 Challenge Fabric IceThe 14th annual Challenge theme is “The Color is Ice, Think of Something Nice.” The winning entries of Quilters Treasure’s annual Challenges are announced at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. Sponsors for the Quilters Treasure Challenge include Singer Sewing Machine, YLI Threads, Quilters Rule, Hobbs Bonded Fibers, Barb’s Original, Morgan Products, and Colonial Needle. Visit www.QuiltersTreasure.com for more information.

SAQA Global Trunk Show – SAQA Northern California & Northern Nevada

The SAQA Global Trunk Show is cutting-edge artwork. Innovative, evocative, punchy, beautiful --- art quilts today always contain the fundamental elements --- threads and the appearance of layers. Art quilts are a special amalgam of other materials, new techniques, found items and magical ideas. The Trunk Show is designed to showcase the talent and diversity of our members and provide inspiration to the viewer. The show consists of 50 quilts, 10 x 7 inches, sealed inside a clear envelope. The artist's location, artwork title, statement and information about techniques and materials are on the back. This is a hands-on, as well as a viewing experience.

Social Justice Sewing Academy: Threads of Truth

Persist SJSAThe Social Justice Sewing Academy: Threads of Truth is the first exhibit to combine and display the collective work amassed over two years of relentless dedication that included over 80 workshops, roughly 3,000 hours of embroidering from over 250 volunteers around the world, and an astounding 5,000 hours dedicated to piecing, pattern design, long arm quilting, and binding. For the first time, 20 (twenty) original Social Justice Sewing Academy Community quilts and mini quilts will stand together as a powerful collection highlighting the social justice issues impacting young people of color. Pictured: Persist created by various young people in SJSA workshops.

Under the Sea – Mason Dixon Quilt Professional Network
Under the Sea depicts underwater fun, fish, skeletons, pollution, underwater vents and mythical creatures! Various close-up vignettes are pictured in 15 quilts. The quilt professionals who contributed to this exhibit include five quilt book authors with eleven books among them, two quilt shop/quilt business owners, 6 professional quilt teachers and three professional quilt judges. Several of our members have held various offices in national quilt organizations. Roughly a third of our members have partnerships with fabric manufactures, thread companies and notion companies.

Reflections by Carol Sebastian Neely WEB


Urban Elements - ArtStream
Great cities appeal to our senses and inspire our imagination.   Although the contemporary urban environment has its critics, the ArtStream quilters challenged themselves to focus on elements of that environment that contribute to the beauty of everyday city life or the unique urban mosaic.  These quilts give visual expression to the architecture, public spaces, natural features, moving elements, and urban energy of our cities.  We can choose to seek serenity amid the bustle, thrill at the beauty, and dream about what could be.


The Van Gogh Cherrywood Challenge: Dutch Gallery

Cherrywood VanGogh
Vincent van Gogh is one of the world’s most beloved artists. The participants in this challenge were inspired by his work and life to create their own small masterpieces. The quilts are made entirely from hand dyed suede-look cotton from Cherrywood Fabrics. The strong visual impact of this exhibit is due to the cohesive color, size and fabric.