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Special Exhibits

The Pacific International Quilt Festival & Mancuso Show Management Are Proud to Present:

Remembering Roberta
Remembering Roberta by Jackie GailbraithWhen beloved quilting teacher Roberta Horton died in 2021, she left behind a legacy of 5 decades of teaching, designing, writing and encouraging quilters all over the world.  Roberta’s generous contributions to quilt-making resulted in friendships everywhere she went. 

Roberta’s twin, Mary Mashuta, invited Roberta’s friends— ranging from local guild members to international quilting superstars— to make quilts using a collection of fabrics that Roberta designed (originally featured in her book Plaids & Stripes.)  These quilts show the impact that Roberta’s life and work has had on quilt-makers worldwide. Pictured: Remembering Roberta by Jackie Gailbraith



Abstract Figures - San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles
Photosynthesis by Jonathan J Shannon WEBWhat do we see in a single line? There are endless possibilities to create, design patterns, manipulate perspective, and explore our imaginations. This quilt selection from the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles’ permanent collection takes a look at abstract interpretations and the artist's perspective on geometric form. Some of these quilts have not been outside the museum or ever displayed. Through their work, we see the intent of the artist to create from inspiration and various themes. From the Zapotec ruins in Mitla to a visual feeling of hope and comfort, and a quilt about quilts, the artists create a vast visual landscape. Pictured: Photosynthesis by Jonathan J. Shannon.


Kaffe Fassett Inspired Quilts – Sponsored by California Sewing and Vacuum
For more than 60 years, Kaffe Fassett has inspired people around the world with his colorful work in fabric, knitting, needlepoint, patchwork, painting and mosaic. His stunning use of color sets him apart from other artists, and a collection of his work is a must have for textile enthusiasts. This exhibit features quilts made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics in celebration of the limited production BERNINA 475 QE Kaffe Edition. This fantastic sewing machine is being sold here first at the BERNINA /California Sewing and Vacuum booth - #302.

Edward M. Bostick – One Man Show

Bostick 19 Scrap Quilt in Memory of My Dog TazGreetings, Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to my one-man quilt show! My name is Edward M. Bostick; I was born in Beaufort, South Carolina. I’m a self-taught quilt maker who comes from a long line of family quilt makers including my grandmother, great aunt, and two aunts. I’m intrigued by the brilliant colors and the geometrical applications of quilting. My interest in quilting was rekindled after 9/11. I’ve exhibited widely, and am a member of the Quilters of Color Network of New York. I retired in 2020 after teaching in the Developmental Skills Department of the Borough of Manhattan Community College for 45 years.

Over the past 25 years, I have enjoyed making a variety of quilt blocks from scrap and patchwork to traditional and improvisational quilts. I am also a fan of foundation paper piecing. My favorite color palettes include black, white, and red and I often like to explore the African-American Scrap Quilt traditions, especially in the vein of Gee’s Bend Quilts. 

Pictured above: #19 Scrap Quilt in Memory of my Dog (Taz). Thank you for visiting my One Man Show.


Bridges - 20 Perspectives
A collaborative effort, - and a challenge. "20 Perspectives" is an international group of professional quilt artists. For this challenge we asked ourselves, "What is a bridge?", The answers demonstrate a stunning variety of approaches and interpretations, from pictorial to abstract to metaphorical, linguistic, and musical. And our collaborative piece, a slice-by-slice interpretation of the famous Pont Neuf in Paris, "bridges" the geographical and cultural distances between us.

Previously exhibited at various European venues, we are grateful to Mancuso show management for the opportunity to share our visions with viewers throughout the US as well.


COVID Hope Quilts
The mission of the Covid-19 Hope Quilt community-based art project is “to express gratitude for frontline workers fighting the pandemic and honor those who have suffered or died.” The project began when founder Diane Canney asked her mother what she wanted for her 95th birthday, she answered: help others during the pandemic. Inspired by the AIDS quilt, Canney invited quilters, artists, children, and people of all ages from across America to quilt, paint or decorate fabric blocks, many with personal stories and meanings. The blocks were then made into quilts by members of the project team. Intended to inspire healing, unity, remembrance, and hope for treatment and a cure for Covid-19, these quilts bring hope to our communities through the healing power of art.   


 Endangered - Textile Art by “Quilts on the Wall”

The 2021 Challenge Theme “Endangered” was broadly interpreted. Each piece is accompanied by an Artist Statement that reflects the maker’s inspiration. Many artists chose to emphasize environmental themes, the loss of biodiversity in our ecosystems, and the interrelationship of earth, wind, fire, and water to humans on a planet with limited natural resources. The artist saw the beauty in our world, and by their work seek to encourage viewers to preserve it. Other artists were concerned with challenges to societal organizational norms endangered by assaults on the very fiber of the American experiment in a democracy “by the people, of the people, and for the people.” The theme was intended to inspire both contemplation and visual enjoyment.

Pictured above: Endangered in the East by Karen Johnson, and Monarch's Risky Reign byTara Ritacco.

Quilts on the Wall members are a group of Southern California textile artists. The group votes on at least two Challenges a year allowing members to create their own vision of the theme. Both juried and non-juried exhibits travel to local and national venues such as quilt and textile art shows and are displayed in art galleries and magazines. 

Quilts on the Wall gallery: https://www.quiltsonthewall.com. 
Information at info@quiltsonthewall.com. 

New Members Welcomed!  


Fiber Connections' - Rachel D.K. Clark, Corlis Taylor and Gayle Hazen
Fiber Connections' is an exhibit celebrating the almost 30-year friendship between Rachel Clark, Gayle Hazen, and Corlis Taylor. We formed friendships in various ways, and theirs started with a common interest in textiles and clothing. These pieces are examples of how they have challenged each other to create garments inspired by nature, highlighting a particular cloth, using different ethnic fabrics, and choosing a specific color palette. They hope you find your connection with cloth and are inspired to create something unique. 


Fiber Innovations - Mountain Art Quilters
thumbnail Healing full with edges
Mountain Art Quilters is a group of art quilters who meet monthly in Nevada City, California. The members cover a wide geographic area from Sacramento, California to Reno, Nevada. All of the member’s works are original, using various techniques, surface designs, and hand-dyed fabrics. They share techniques, support one another in their growth as art quilters, and exhibit at galleries and quilt shows. You can contact them at mountainartquilters.com.

Pictured: Healing






In My Dreams – AQuA
We dream at night, and upon waking we dream of the future. Sweet dreams. Follow your dreams. Lost dreams. Dreaming of the past.  Scary dreams. Dreams coming true. Conscious and unconscious dreams. Dream weavers and dream catchers. The Art Quilt Association members express the many ways they interpret their dreams.


It's Not All Black and White – “Quilts on the Wall”
Its Not All BW

It’s Not All Black and White refers to a metaphor representing two different extremes, or two opposites. Young children will often think in these extreme terms because they have not yet developed the nuanced cognitive skills required to see both sides of an issue. The exhibit is a juried collection of 24 textile art pieced by 24 artists. It is intended to be “graphic” — vivid · explicit · expressive · detailed · uninhibited · striking and forceful when presented as a whole, yet allow each individual artist a unique voice to express their artistic style.

Pictured: Hang in There - Sally Freeberg; Hello Yellow Brick Road - Carol Churchill; I Wish I May, I Wish I Might - Judy Crotts; My Lexus - Karen Markley, 

Quilts on the Wall members are a group of Southern California textile artists. The group votes on at least two Challenges a year allowing members to create their own vision of the theme. Both juried and non-juried exhibits travel to local and national venues such as quilt and textile art shows and are displayed in art galleries and magazines.  


Layers & Textures - Quilts by Lisa Walton
Australian textile artist uses textures and multiple layers of her hand-painted and hand-dyed fabrics to create unique art quilts.


Moving on - SAQA Northern CA and Northern Nevada
Emerging Denise SchmidtThe SAQA Local Connections group, Greater Sacramento/Foothills Region, is proud to present a non-juried showcase exhibit, entitled Moving On. The exhibit features the work of SAQA artists drawn from the greater NorCal/NV SAQA Region. Moving On showcases the participating artists’ diverse techniques and approaches to the art quilt, each one exploring how the world or each artist has changed over the course of the pandemic and beyond. Pictured: Emerging by Denise Schmidt





New Quilts of Northern California
This juried exhibit is an annual favorite at PIQF. View the work of Northern California’s most well-known and upcoming quilt makers. This amazing collection of recent works is presented by the Northern California Quilt Council and curated by Jeanne Brophy.


One Woman Hand-Piecing/Applique Renaissance - Quilts by Ann Zemke
PhotoFullQuilted58x69 transpFifty years ago, Ann Zemke took her first hand piecing quilt class and she's kept busy hand sewing hundreds of quilts since. In 2014, Ann leapt out of her traditional style when she began collaborating with Lori Allison (All About Color Quilting).  Ann and Lori enjoy kicking up the color of traditional quilt patterns using all Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics.  This visually exciting exhibit is a veritable feast for the eyes!






Pet Portraits - Pajaro Valley Quilt Association
Mandy Quilt 2Who greets you every time with exuberant kisses, adoring looks, and joyful jumps?  Our pets, of course.  These four-legged (usually) furry, feathered, or scaled animals are our support systems, our confidants, and even our alarm systems. No matter how we feel or what we look like, they are there to love us—no questions asked. Enriching our lives in so many ways, our pets provide emotional support, and our lives are so much richer for them. Pictured: Mandy




Piece-ful Protest by Allyson Allen
Because unique and beautiful protest art gets attention and can inspire change. These quilts by Allyson Allen document some of the ongoing racism, xenophobia, and misogyny that was amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Each quilt focuses on an issue of social or global concern.   


Princess Diana Cherrywood Challenge
Diana Pearl Collection
Diana’s warm personality changed the way the world viewed the royal family. We challenge you to create a unique fiber art piece honoring her life, using gorgeous hand-dyed fabric in fresh pinks. This year, Cherrywood Fabrics have replaced the black with our NEW pure white. The cuts of fabric are generous, just like the princess herself. Princess Diana quilts pictured were created by Ben Hollingsworth, Marguerite Crum, and Jana Shreiner.


Quilts that Make You Smile - One Woman Show by Cristina Arcenegui Bono
Quilting is my way to express myself. Although I have been doing pictorial whole cloth quilts since 2015, it was just before the pandemic hit when I started dying my own fabrics and began to use those small dyed scraps to create small quilts. Up until the lockdown, I had been doing wall quilts that took me 6 months to finish. But with the lockdown, I felt the need to work in small pieces I could finish in one day. Some of these quilts were inspired by some coloring pages from artists such as Rita Berman and Daria Song. Other quilts in this exhibition are figments of my imagination. All I want is to put a smile on people’s faces when they see these quilts.


Stone, Water, Time –
Poetry by Maura High and Quilts by Lyric Montgomery Kinard 

Stone Water Time
Lyric Kinard’s striking textile art and Maura High’s eloquent poetry come together in fluid harmony as they explore interactions between stone, water, and time. Inspired by the form, function, and beauty of historic mills and grindstones, Maura and Lyric riff off each other’s work. They have created a thought-provoking conversation in the abstract, leaving space for the viewer's own interpretations. The exhibit is an enchanting interaction between disparate media, the solidity of stone and malleability of cloth, the changeable flow of water and the written language, and the inevitability of the passage of time.

Maura was born in the Rhondda Valley, in Wales, and traveled widely with her parents and younger sister all through her childhood, before eventually settling down in Carrboro, North Carolina. Through all those moves, she read whatever she could get her hands on, and she wrote: exercise books full of stories and poems. She is now a grandmother and has worked as an editor and teacher. And she still travels, still reads avidly, and still writes. Many of her poems have been published in journals. A chapbook, The Garden of Persuasions, won the 2013 Jacar Press chapbook award. The poems in this exhibition are all rooted in the North Carolina piedmont, specifically, in the Bolin Creek floodplain.

Lyric Montgomery Kinard is an award-winning artist and educator, transforming cloth into art in her studio and timid spirits into confident creatives in her workshops. She too has always loved to read, write, and travel, having found a way to combine all three. She writes for quilting magazines and teaches her love of art and design to quilters around the world. In her past life, she was a musician, earned a BA in English Literature from the University of Utah, and also formally studied architecture. She currently lives in Cary, North Carolina with her ever-supportive and almost perfect husband and some of their patient and wonderful five children.  

Stretching Art and Tradition 22: When One Door Closes 

We've all been challenged this past year and a half in ways we would never have guessed.  Extended quarantines, working from home, and a sputtering global economy have likely caused you to think "now what?.  Well, we'd like to explore what happens when a change of plans is forced upon us.  You can, as always, interpret this theme liberally.  Something my mother told me when I was a teenager, disappointed by a lost opportunity was:  When the door closes, a window opens.  Another popular variation is "when one door closes, another opens".  These sayings can be comforting or frustrating depending on the situation and your frame of mind.  So, for SAT22, artists are interpreting the theme "When One Door Closes."


Viewpoints: Personal Viewpoints - International Fiber Art Collective
Pocket Watch by 2020 Kate ThemelViewpoints is an international fiber art collective celebrating 11 years of inspiring, creating, and exhibiting together. The Personal Viewpoints series invited each artist to create a series of 3 related works to their own theme. A variety of themes emerged: Color, Recycling/Renewal, Words, Machines and more, each of personal significance. The unifying factor in this series was dimension, bigger and bolder than any previous work! The results are strong and dramatic, as unique as the artist that has created them. Each piece is a celebration of color and line and a wonderful expression of our Personal Viewpoints! www.Viewpoints9.com. Pictured: Pocket Watch by Kate Themel


A 2021 art quilt challenge for members of the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association
The Blue Pacific 2021Water, so precious in California, is a necessity for life.   We are currently experiencing drought conditions and are aware of saving water as much as possible.  This collection of small art quilts depicts water in many forms—from a drop to a glassful or a whole ocean.  The designs are original and the techniques vary. Pictured: The Blue Pacific






Wordplay and Puns - TAVA 
Word Play Puns

A collection of color-altered fabrics created by each artist over the course of several years set the stage for this vibrant exhibit. Indigo dyed, discharged pieces, fabrics dyed using various colorants, as well as painted fabrics are joined with each artist’s unique interpretation of a word, phrase, or pun.