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Special Exhibits

Special Exhibits

World Quilt Competition XXI: On Tour
See the exciting international entries of the 2017 World Quilt Competition along with ribbon winners from the U.S. This outstanding collection of quilts highlights the skills of quilters from around the world: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and North America. Sponsored by Handi Quilter, Innova and Mancuso Show Management.

New Quilts of Northern California
This juried exhibit is an annual favorite at PIQF. View the work of Northern California’s most well-known and upcoming quilt makers. This amazing exhibition of recent works is presented by the Northern California Quilt Council and curated by NCQC Board members.

Challenges – International Threads
International Threads is a group of international textile artists from several countries. Internationally known artists Katleen Loomis (US), Barbara Lange (Germany), Gillian Travis (UK), Bella Kaplan and Eti David (both Israel) and Uta Lenk (Germany) have been working to group challenges posed by a member of the group, limited to one size. They started exhibiting together a few years ago. This exhibition is a small selection from the output of this endeavor.

Come to the Edge – Journeys
Edges Betty Gientke
Journeys is a group of 14 Central Oregon artists who express their passion for art by creating original work and sharing their love of quilts and fiber arts through exhibitions. The theme for their 10th year’s exhibit was Come to the Edge, inspired by Christopher Logue’s poem. (Pictured: Edges by Betty Gientke.) 
Come to the edge. 
We might fall. 
Come to the edge. 
It’s too high! 
And they came, 
and he pushed, 
And they flew.

Crossings – Quilts on the Wall
LOW RES Carolyn Villars Big Crossing for a Little Girl
Life is full of moments that suggest the concept of Crossings. We may experience new life, a new state, or a new attitude. Our paths may intersect with rail lines, cross walks, river crossings or highways. We may have a family history of crossings to Ellis Island, Polynesia, or our own continent. Visual and conceptual crossings are everywhere. Quilts on the Wall is presenting a juried exhibit with unique interpretations of the word Crossings. Pictured: Big Crossing for a Little Girl by Carolyn Villars.

Dyed in the Wool – San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles
While the majority of quilt makers favor cotton fabric for their creations, many makers also appreciate wool for its unique qualities and colors. Visit SJMQT’s exhibit and see some wool beauties, including several quilts from a recent donation never before exhibited in public. Be inspired by these selections from the permanent collection of SJMQT to create your own wool beauties, hear about how we are celebrating our 40th anniversary year, and pick up our newest tote bag!

Horizons – AQuA
The Art Quilt Association (AQuA) of Grand Junction, Colorado presents Horizons: literally, it is the line at the farthest place one can see where the sky seems to touch the earth. Figuratively, it is the fullest range of one’s knowledge, experience or interest. In both senses, it is a boundary in space and time beyond which events cannot affect the observer.

Life’s a Challenge – Quilts by Gretchen Crozier
Aurora by Gretchen Crozier

I struggled in school until I got my hands on fabric, then magic happened for me. I made clothing and theatrical costumes. The quilting bug hit me hard in the early 1990s. The quilts I am showing in this exhibit were all made in response to various challenges. I enjoy the thrill of a new challenge! My guild, Amador Valley Quilters, has stimulating projects requiring the use of a variety of media and techniques. Pictured: Aurora by Gretchen Crozier.

The Lion King Cherrywood Challenge
Cherrywood’s luscious hand-dyed fabric was the inspiration for quilters to take a challenge fit for a king! Participants were inspired by the stunning artistry, vibrant colors and exhilarating choreography of Broadway’s award-winning Best Musical, the Lion King. Over 300 entries were received and 120 were selected for the traveling exhibit. The quilts represented a wide variety of techniques, interpretations and skill levels - all held together by the cohesive color, size and suede texture of the fabric!

Montana de Oro – Presented by the Cutting Edge Fiber Arts Group of California Central Coast
Montana de Oro Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge Fiber Arts Group includes 15 artists in the San Luis Obispo area. Our exhibit is inspired by “Montana de Oro,” which translates from Spanish to “mountains of gold.”  The one requirement for this challenge is a primary color palette in the yellow/orange range. West of San Luis Obispo is Montana de Oro State Park where the coastal rocks are made of multiple layers in golden yellow-orange hues. “Mountains of gold” also brings to mind the California Gold Rush, spring wild flowers and brilliant fall foliage.

Present Moment – Fibervision
How many times do we begin a project with a clear idea of how it will turn out?  The works in this Fibervision exhibit represent pieces that began with a clear vision, those that began with a general notion of what they would become, and those that began with no idea of the end result.  At some point, the work presented the moment when it found its own voice to the artist.  Now, in this present moment, it gets another chance to speak, this time, with the viewer.

Quilters Treasure Challenge 2017
The Challenge theme for 2017 is Going Green; entrants used the challenge fabric “Forever Irish” from Quilters Treasure. The winning entries of Quilters Treasure’s annual Challenges are announced at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. Sponsors for the Quilters Treasure Challenge include Singer Sewing Machine, YLI Threads, Quilters Rule, Hobbs Bonded Fibers, Barb’s Original, Morgan Products, and Colonial Needle. Visit www.QuiltersTreasure.com for more information.

Threads of Resistance
The Artist Circle presents “Threads of Resistance,” an exhibition protesting the Trump administration’s actions and policies. We believe we have a duty as citizens of this country to shine light into dark places. We feel we must stand to preserve the good in America and speak against oppression and corruption, hatred and lies. As symbols of comfort and healing, our quilts let the fearful know they are not alone and inspire us to be greater and braver than we think we are. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Thread Runs Through It – SAQA Northern California/Northern Nevada
Innovative, evocative, punchy, beautiful – art quilts today always contain the fundamental elements – threads, just as our ancestors’ quilts did. But the art quilt is a special amalgam of other materials, new techniques, and magical ideas. Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA), the international professional artists’ organization, showcases examples from their regional members in Northern California and Northern Nevada. “Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world’s great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops.” ~ Norman Mclean

Urban Graffiti – Quilts on the Wall
LOW RES DavidCharity BeyondTheGraspofMany

Graffiti has evolved over the past generation from gangs, hostility and violence to its own unique art form seen in many venues in many cities.  It might be on bridges, underpasses, walls in center city as murals, paintings on trucks traveling our highways, even as tattoos.  QOTW presents a juried exhibition depicting the varied ways graffiti is part of our everyday lives in the 21st century. Pictured: Beyond the Grasp of Many by David Charity.

Visual Color Challenge – Country Crossroads Quilters
Each of us responds to color positively or negatively depending upon our life experiences. Environment, geography, and culture play a role in the colors we intuitively love. This challenge asked members to look through a collection of images from old calendars and choose an image that was attractive to them. Fabrics that visually read like colors in the image were to be used to create a wall quilt. Dimensions were specified and only colors found in the chosen image were to be used. Quilters could use any technique suitable for their design and did not need to use all of the colors found in the image. We here offer for your pleasure the quilts created for this challenge. Enjoy! Inspired by Visual Coloring: A Foolproof Approach to Color Rich Quilts by Joen Wolfram.

Walk in the Park – Free Spirits Art Group
The Free Spirits Art Group was founded in North County San Diego, CA in 2003 by quilt artist, Jill Le Croisettee. The eight current members meet once per month to exchange techniques and ideas. Our themed group wall quilt exhibits have been shown at major quilt festivals as well as published in the American Quilt Magazine. This exhibit, “Walk in the Park,” was created to honor the 100th birthday of San Diego’s elegant Balboa Park. Each artist has illustrated a well-known feature of the Park for you to enjoy. Curated by artist Susan Nikkel.

Water is Life: Clean Water and Its Impact on the Lives of Women and Girls Around the World – Quilt for Change
Source of Life Hollis Chatelain
Water is Life: Clean Water and Its Impact on the lives of Women and Girls Around the World is comprised of forty-one quilts made by artists from Europe and North America. The exhibit, which highlights the crucial need for access to clean water for women and their families, opened at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland to commemorate World Water Day 2016. “Water is Life” is a joint effort of Quilt for Change (www.quiltforchange.org), a Rhode Island non-profit project dedicated to using quilting to raise awareness of issues important to women, and American Exchange Rome (www.american-exchange-rome.org). Pictured Source of Life by Hollis Chatelain.