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2019 Quilt Competition Winners

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XXX
Pride & Joy Quilt Competition

BEST OF SHOW: #2047 Spangled by Gail Stepanek & Jan Hutchison
2047a MAQF192047c MAQF192047b MAQF19

1st  Place: #1016 Antelope Canyon Mosaic by Kimberly Lacy 
1016 MAQF19                          

2nd Place: #1007 WOMINVENTORS by Connie Harris Farrington (Front & Back)
1007 MAQF19 front1007 back

3rd  Place: #1029 One Fine Day by Beth Schillig

1029 MAQF19                     

Honorable Mentions (2):
#1024 Multi Fassett’ed by Loretta Painter 
1024 MAQF19

#1032 Orca’s Tale by Angie Tustison
1032 MAQF19                        

Best Hand Workmanship: #1022 Wool by Kirsten Niemann
1022 MAQF19                           

Best  Sewing Machine Workmanship:
#1025 The Onion Knight, The Battle of Blackwater by Karen Parker

1025 MAQF19                           

Best  Longarm Machine Workmanship: #1030 Mason Jar Bouquet by Deana Steel
1030 MAQF19                           

Best Use of Color: #1012 Confetti by Cindy Grisdela
1012 MAQF19                           

Best Interpretation of Theme: #1020 We Are The Children by Janet B McTavish
1020 MAQF19


1st  Place: #2049 Garden Variety Sampler by Janet Stone

2049 MAQF19

2nd Place: #2039 Whimsical Wonders by Christine Roseberry

2039 MAQF19

3rd  Place: #2008 Colorful Colorado Medallion by Sharon Enge
2008 MAQF19                     

Honorable Mentions (2):
#2007 J Is For Jenna by Anabeth Dollins
2007 MAQF19

#2027 Pure Joy by Michelle A Martin
2027 MAQF19                     

Best Hand Workmanship: #2021 Ravenna’s Pride by Katherine Larrieu
2021 MAQF19                           

Best  Sewing Machine Workmanship: #2016 String Quartet by Ann Horton
2016 MAQF19                           

Best  Longarm Machine Workmanship: 
#2024 Lakeshore Sunrise by Phyllis Marcum & Terry Marcum
2024 MAQF19 

Best Use of Color: #2009 Long Tall Sally by Drema Epley
2009 MAQF19                           

Best Interpretation of Theme: #2018 From Rags to Stitches by Flora Joy
2018 MAQF19

1st  Place:  #4017 Harmonic Response by Stephanie Z Ruyle

4017 MAQF19                           

2nd Place: #4016 Printed by Stephanie Z Ruyle
4016 MAQF19 

3rd  Place: #4006 NEON by Linda M Fiedler
4006 MAQF19 

Honorable Mention (1):
#4019 Take Two by Juli I Smith
4019 MAQF19

Best Hand Workmanship: #4013 Triangles by Kirsten Niemann
4013 MAQF19

Best Use of Negative Space: #4011 Mid-Century Modern: Black/White 1 by Carole Lyles Shaw
4011 MAQF19

Best Interpretation of Mid-Century Theme: #4021 New Directions by Betsy Vinegrad
4021 MAQF19


Best Wall Quilt: #3048 Rose by Kestrel Michaud
3048 MAQF19                

2nd  Place: #3009 Nevermore by Deb Crine
3009 MAQF19                           

3rd  Place: #3065 Persistent Peach by Margaret Solomon Gunn
3065 MAQF19                           

Best Hand Workmanship: #3044 Stonehenge by Christina R McCann
3044 MAQF19                          

Best Sewing Machine Workmanship: #3032 Ghost Soldier 1918 by Nancy Hershberger
3032 MAQF19

Best Longarm Machine Workmanship: #3075 Dogwood Winter by Kathryn Zimmerman
3075 MAQF19

Best Pictorial Quilt: #3025 Autumn Beauty by Tami Graeber
3025 MAQF19                         

Best Use of Color: #3015 Canyon #1 by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry
3015 MAQF19                           

Best Interpretation of Theme: #3011 I Hope You Dance by Sandy Curran
3011 MAQF19

Esterita Austin: #3003 Flowers In A Stone Niche by Annette Burgess
3003 MAQF19

Bobbie Bergquist:#3059 Sunday Pearls by Kathleen Rountree 
3059 MAQF19

Marjan Kluepfel: #2035 Between Heaven and Earth by Audra Rasnake
2035 MAQF19

Robbi Joy Eklow: #2028 Dave’s Christmas Cactus by Debbie Martin
2028 MAQF19

#2045 The Value of Violet by Margaret Solomon Gunn
2045 MAQF19