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Special Exhibits

The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival & Mancuso Show Management Are Proud to Present:

9" x 9” - Art Quilt Tribe/ SAQA from Williamsburg and SE Virginia
This year the Art Quilt Tribe/SAQA art group from Williamsburg and SE Virginia has focused on using nine widely varied artists as inspiration for our art pieces. Helen Frankenthaler, Edward Hopper, Lee Krasner, Jackson Pollack, Joan Miro, Andy Warhol, Georgia O’Keefe, Lauren Roth, Kim Sielback. We challenged ourselves to choose a painting and use the style, or compositions, or characteristics, or basic shapes to create a new piece with our personal interpretation. This exercise was a big jolt to our creativity! Enjoy these 9" x 9" pieces!

As Time Stood Still - It's Just Us
All for WEB
People were confined to their homes with little socialization day in and day out.  Many were not happy working from home, stocking their kitchens, from online orders, and doing all they could to not contract COVID.  Meanwhile, "JUST US" quilters were embracing the new normal.  We were matching fabric or pulling out the dye to change a plain piece of fabric into a vibrant creation. With our pajama days and ideas swirling we were busy.  Out came thread-painted wonders and hand-pieced hexies, amazing art that will forever be reminders of when time stood still. Pictured, left to right: In the Weeds by Pat Garnett, Brighter Days ... right around the corner by Paula Dean, The Red Poppies by Pat Garnett.

BEE CREATIVE - River Country Quilters
RIVER COUNTRY QUILTERS (RCQ) are again showing their skills and imagination with their exhibit in February at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in the Hampton Convention Center.  The title of their exhibit this year is “BEE CREATIVE.”  At the last Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival their theme was “Baby it’s Cold Outside” for Baby/Youth Quilts resulting in 50 quilts being donated to the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters by RCQ. RCQ meets 4th Tuesdays, 7 pm-9 pm, showcasing Speakers, Projects, Workshops, Show/Tell, Activities and an Annual Retreat.  Members are from Yorktown through Middle Peninsula. See us on Facebook.  Come, join us and ‘BEE CREATIVE.”  

Black & White + One - Bay Quilters of Mathews
Most members of Bay Quilters of Mathews are well accustomed to working with color designing a quilt. But what do you do when the color is taken away? This is the challenge members were asked to create a wall hanging. The only rules were: 1. Use black, white, and only ONE color! 2. The maximum size was limited to 24" per side. There was no minimum. 3. There were no other rules! Pictured, left to right, Clam Shells by Kathy Shy and Once Upon a Winter's Night.

The Guild was asked to display the results in the art gallery of a local hospital in 2020, but COVID struck, and the exhibit was called off. The Guild was again to exhibit the items at their annual quilt show during Mathews Market Days 2021. Due to COVID, the Mathews Market Days committee canceled the event, including the quilt show. So here, finally, is the exhibit of "Black & White + One". We hope you enjoy seeing it as much as we did creating it.

Celebrating the Art of Vera Neumann - Quilts by Nancy Breland 
This series of 15 art quilts features textiles designed by prolific, mid-century modern artist, Vera Neumann, who lived from 1907 to 1993. You may recognize her name from scarves and clothing she made as well as the many household linens she designed and marketed. Vera signed her work with her name and usually an image of a ladybug.  I especially liked her beautiful and sometimes whimsical pieces.  How could I celebrate her work by featuring her textiles in my quilts? Making this series of quilts was my focus during the pandemic. Pictured: Fall Passion, Hot Tuna, and Sun I.

Circles or 360 Degrees - The Fabric Poets
The Fabric Poets made quilts involving circles or an overriding view of life. Some of the members also made circular mandalas based on their names. The quilt pictured above is by Millie Johnson.     

Comfort & Joy - Central Virginia Modern Quilt Guild
Spirit of Stefan by Maria Radecki
Traditional quilt designs are the comfort foods of quilting. When we look at one, we feel happy, and lately, comforted.  We crave snuggling up under one and feeling safe and warm. Modern quilts evoke joy as well.  We look at them and feel energized and optimistic.  In our guild’s 2021 challenge, we invited members celebrate a traditional quilt block or design with their own modern take. Pictured: Spirit of Stefan by Maria Radecki

COVID Lockdown: You Can't Keep a Quilter Down - QuiltWorkers of Virginia Beach
Tulum1 by Mary Menzer
The COVID virus changed so much in our regular lives but for some of us, it allowed us time to be creative and use some of that wonderful stash we've been collecting.  The pandemic may have kept us home, but it didn't keep us down.  In fact, quilting may have provided an outlet for all the emotions caused by the pandemic and allowed us to visualize a happier future.  Here are a few quilts that were created by Quiltworkers during the COVID lockdown. Pictured: Tulum 1 by Mary Menzer.


Garden State of Mind – Hoffman Challenge 2020 
There's no better way to celebrate than with the 32nd Annual Hoffman Challenge. Hoffman Fabric's "Garden State of Mind" digital print collection made up the 2020-2021 Hoffman Challenge Collection. They put artists to the ultimate test! For the first time ever, Hoffman Challenge participants were required to use a minimum of 3 out of 6 fabrics from the collection in their artwork entry.  

Honoring 19th Century Quilters - The Churn Dashers of Tidewater Virginia
The Churn Dashers of Tidewater Virginia, organized in 2005, is a diverse group of quilters who have a strong interest in 19th Century quilt designs, textiles, women’s lives, and the spirit of American during this time period.

The Churn Dashers, named after our first block, meet periodically to exchange blocks made using 19th Century reproduction fabrics with emphasis on the 1830-1880 period. Each exchange day is a planning session to decide the next block to be made. Inspiration for the next block comes from antique quilts in museums, reference books, and private quilt collections. Our Standard: Always do your best work! Quilt Exhibit Organized by Nancy Shrout.

Inspired By Elvis 
Elvis WEB
To celebrate the music, movies and life of the King of Rock and Roll, fiber artists made 94 original 36” x 36” art quilts to honor Elvis Presley. Enjoy a wide range of interpretations, from realistic to humorous to abstract. Quilts pictured, left to right, were created by Pat Sloan, Debra Gabel, and Bunnie Jordan. Curated by Donna DeSoto.

Instructors Row
This exhibit will give a sampling of work from some of this year’s instructors at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. It is a great way to enjoy a broad range of talent and creativity among the Festival’s faculty.

Make it Your Way Using Traditional Blocks - Peninsula Piecemakers
Quilts were made by members of the Peninsula Piecemakers Quilt Guild. Each quilt was required to have at least four of the following blocks or parts of blocks: Half Square Triangle, 4 Patch, Flying Goose, Pinwheel, Friendship Star, 9 Patch, Churn Dash, Rail Fence, Hour Glass, Log Cabin, or Courthouse Steps.  Requirements were that the quilt be between 18” x 18” to 60” x 60” in size and could not be made from a kit. The quilts were judged in several categories by guild members at our chapter meetings in December.

Princess Diana Cherrywood Challenge 

Diana’s warm personality changed the way the world viewed the royal family. We challenge you to create a unique fiber art piece honoring her life, using gorgeous hand-dyed fabric in fresh pinks. This year, Cherrywood Fabrics have replaced the black with our NEW pure white. The cuts of fabric are generous, just like the princess herself. Princess Diana quilts pictured: Kindness Always by Sarah Thacker and The Avante Garde Princess by Alexis Delbridge - First Place Winner.

Quilted Poems - Colonial Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Wind in the Woods by Susan Voigt
Each quilter was to chose one or two poems that inspired them from the poems submitted by members of the Poetry Society of Virginia (PSV, 62 poets), and then designed a quilt inspired by the poem. The quilt could be based on an image in the quilt, for example a tree, or a bird, or boat, or it might just be a color mentioned in the poem, pink or blue or green. The quilt could be any style. A book will be made with the quilts and poems, and copies will be available for sale during the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. Pictured above: Wind in the Woods by Susan Voigt.

Kathleen Decker at President@ColonialPiecemakers.com is curating this exhibit, as she is Vice President (Eastern Region) of the PSV, as well as President of CPQG. The poem chosen by the quilter will be displayed alongside the quilt. This exhibit is co-sponsored with the Poetry Society of Virginia, along with a second poem curated by Kathleen, so that all 62 poems will be displayed along with our quilts.

Quilted Portraits and More 
The exhibit showcases faces, figures, people at work and at play (and even a few pets), in a wide array of styles and techniques. Our goal is to tell the story behind the face, personal, historical, or mythological. The art is created by worldwide members of our study/critique groups, classes, and a Facebook group called  "It's All About the Face," a universal forum for lively discussion, growth, and inspiration. Exhibit authored and curated by Phyllis Cullen and Cindy Richard. Pictured, left to right: Carolus Duran by Jack Edson, Hard at Work, Mystery of the Eyes, Trusting, and For You.

Stone Stories - Fiber & Stitch Art Collective
The artists were to take inspiration from stones, rocks or pebbles and create an  art quilt based on this theme. The art could be any size or style the artist wanted, realistic or imaginary. The real challenge was conveying the hard rigid surface of the stones in the soft flexible material of fabric and other fibers. Pictured, left to right, Seacoast, Whirlpool, and Stone Stories.

Stone, Water, Time – Poetry by Maura High and Quilts by Lyric Montgomery Kinard 
Lyric Kinard’s striking textile art and Maura High’s eloquent poetry come together in fluid harmony as they explore interactions between stone, water, and time. Inspired by the form, function, and beauty of historic mills and grindstones, Maura and Lyric riff off each other’s work. They have created a thought-provoking conversation in the abstract, leaving space for the viewer's own interpretations. The exhibit is an enchanting interaction between disparate media, the solidity of stone and malleability of cloth, the changeable flow of water and the written language, and the inevitability of the passage of time.

Maura was born in the Rhondda Valley, in Wales, and traveled widely with her parents and younger sister all through her childhood, before eventually settling down in Carrboro, North Carolina. Through all those moves, she read whatever she could get her hands on, and she wrote: exercise books full of stories and poems. She is now a grandmother and has worked as an editor and teacher. And she still travels, still reads avidly, and still writes. Many of her poems have been published in journals. A chapbook, The Garden of Persuasions, won the 2013 Jacar Press chapbook award. The poems in this exhibition are all rooted in the North Carolina piedmont, specifically, in the Bolin Creek floodplain.

Lyric Montgomery Kinard is an award-winning artist and educator, transforming cloth into art in her studio and timid spirits into confident creatives in her workshops. She too has always loved to read, write, and travel, having found a way to combine all three. She writes for quilting magazines and teaches her love of art and design to quilters around the world. In her past life, she was a musician, earned a BA in English Literature from the University of Utah and has also formally studied architecture. She currently lives in Cary, North Carolina with her ever-supportive and almost perfect husband and some of their patient and wonderful five children.

Stretching Art and Tradition 22: When One Door Closes 
We've all been challenged this past year and a half in ways we would never have guessed.  Extended quarantines, working from home, and a sputtering global economy have likely caused you to think "now what?.  Well, we'd like to explore what happens when a change of plans is forced upon us.  You can, as always, interpret this theme liberally.  Something my mother told me when I was a teenager, disappointed by a lost opportunity was:  When the door closes, a window opens.  Another popular variation is "when one door closes, another opens".  These sayings can be comforting or frustrating depending on the situation and your frame of mind.  So, for SAT22, artists are interpreting the theme "When One Door Closes."

There is No Place like Home - First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond Quuilters
City Country WEB
Every year the QUUilters of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond, Virginia, choose a theme or technique to explore through quilt making. For the 2021-22 challenge, the group selected the theme of “There’s No Place Like Home”. Pictured above: My City Home and My Country Home. both by Helaine Meadows.

Many questions arose and much discussion ensued, where is home, who is part of your home, and what does home mean to me? Then the Challenge was how to express this in fabric, quilt patterns, color, and design. Please enjoy our expressions of home!

Variety is the Spice of Quilts! - The Virginia Quilt Museum
1Center Medallion Variation Anna Knicely
Variety is one of the reasons that quilting is a timeless art form. Variety in quilts can also mean many different things: variations on patterns, applique or pieced, hand quilted or machine quilted, and so much more! Enjoy these six quilts from the Virginia Quilt Museum and see how many varieties of techniques and patterns you can find. Pictured: Center Medallion Variation by Anna Knicely.

What a Mystery - Tidewater Quilters Guild 
Amethyst and Turquoise pieced by Susan Newsom and quilted by Linda Reynolds
As you start a new quilting project the outcome is a mystery - will it work out the way you imagined it or will it become a UFO? Our exhibit explores the mystery of quilting - how is the final piece so different from the initial idea; sitting in a mystery class workshop with a bundle of fabric and no idea what it will look like; receiving the monthly mystery quilt instruction which, until that very last set of instructions, remains annoyingly mysterious; or, just the mystery of what shall I work on next? Pictured above: Amethyst and Turquoise, pieced by Susan Newsom and quilted by Linda Reynolds.

Wordplay and Puns - TAVA 
A collection of color-altered fabrics created by each artist over the course of several years set the stage for this vibrant exhibit. Indigo dyed, discharged pieces, fabrics dyed using various colorants, as well as painted fabrics are joined with each artists’ unique interpretation of a word, phrase, or pun. 

The Year of Austerity/The Bare Necessities - Cabin Branch & Stonehouse Quilters
2021 has been a year of recovery from the challenges of 2020 brought by the corona virus pandemic. Our quilt guild, the Cabin Branch Quilters stopped meeting in person and most of our activities stopped or slowed as well. We are now meeting in person again, but we’re also simplifying and economizing. In both our quilting and personal lives we are focusing on projects and activities that are most important and meaningful — the bare necessities. 

A Year of Scraps - Peninsula Modern Quilt Guild 
2021, the PMQG focused on using our stashes of hoarded scraps in modern designs.  We began with the “Truly Mini Scrappy Quilt Challenge” to design a modern scrappy quilt – of only 12” x 12”!  Next, we used our scraps to complete Cindy Grisdela’s “Artful Improv“online class.  Our second challenge, “Black and White and Maybe Not Red All Over,” required using only black, white, and one other color in the quilt.  Due to the limited color palette, members were encouraged but not required to use scraps.  Last, our yearly sew-a-long was the Village Quilt by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. which proved to be a major scrap-buster! Come see how we’ve used hundreds of scraps in modern design.

The Drunkard's Path Quilt Block Challenge - Annapolis Quilt Guild
Our members were asked to make a quilt using predominately the Drunkard’s Path quilt block. The total size was not to exceed 200 inches. It is interesting how many different variations this block can make. In a year where there were so many rules for living, this gave our challengers some freedom to create.

Fiddling With Fabric - Quilts on the Wall
This is a surface design challenge.  Members decided to put to good use all of the classes and experimentation they have accumulated over many years as textile artists.  Basically, members were invited to “fiddle” to their hearts content: Discharge with bleach, use natural materials to eco-dye; allow colors move organically with ice dyeing, Paint with acrylics, oil, ink, watercolors , Manipulate the texture of the fabric:  fold, tear,  burn, melt, cut and piece, Create layers:  fuse, embroider, sheer overlays, Natural fabrics: cottons, linens, silk, or man-made: Tyvek, Angelina, Embellish with handmade beads, hand-stitching, sheers overlays, crystals, metallic threads, yarns, Each artist speaks with their own voice and style.  Some choose to express a minimalist theme: treat a ribbon as if it was a thread and weave a pattern to create an optical illusion.  Others chose to pick a technique that magnified and exemplified their theme. Take a few minutes to read the Materials and Techniques Statement for each art piece. What will you add to your next art quilt?

Spooling Around - Colonial Heritage Loose Threads
Our Loose Threads quilting group has emptied many spools of thread the past two years. We are so thankful to have had our quilting habit to keep our hands and brains busy. Thus, our challenge “Spooling. Around.” The design is Sew What from Kansas Troubles. Members were challenged to use fabrics of their choice and to design an original pincushion.

Remembering 2020 - Country Piecemakers' Quilt Guild
Country Piecemakers' Quilt Guild is a guild of creative quilters who meet to share the joy of quilting, to inspire and learn from one another, and contribute to the community.