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Special Exhibits

The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival & Mancuso Show Management are Proud to Present:

The 2022-2023 100-Year - Hoffman Challenge Collection
HoffmanChallengeNaturally, we want to celebrate with YOU because it is your creativity and loyalty to our brand that allows us to continue to lead the way in textiles. There's no better way to celebrate than joining in on Hoffman Fabrics' 100-Year Anniversary Challenge. Our "100-Year Hoffman Challenge" batik collection makes up the 2022-2023 Hoffman Challenge Collection. We are putting you to the ultimate test this year! For the first time ever, Hoffman Challenge participants are required to use a minimum of 5 out of 15 batik fabrics from the collection in their artwork entry. A minimum of five of these challenge fabrics must be used in the body of the quilt top or garment in recognizable, but not necessarily equal amounts. While we love it when you use Hoffman's fabrics, we invite you to use fabric from any manufacturer in addition to the required challenge fabrics. Ready to celebrate with us? Here's what you need to know.



A Peaceful Heart - Central Virginia Modern Quilt Guild
Nova Scotian quilt and fabric designer, Benita Skinner, onceBreaking Out of the Boxes by Donna Blalock said: “Sewing small pieces together gives me a peaceful heart and a quilt to wrap you with, my love.”  We couldn’t agree more that we create both for the giver and the given. For us, quilting allows us a breath of space to be in-the-moment with ourselves and our art. This act of presence and mindfulness is the secret to creating a peaceful heart. Whether it’s quilting, embroidery, knitting, cooking, or gardening, we all have experienced these moments of focus and clarity when the rest of the world fades to the background, even for a short time. This year, our guild learned from some of the world’s best teachers, and we learned from each other. Our guild annual challenges included “Inspiration,” “Nature,” “Upcycling,” and “Scraps.” Many of these works appear here as well as other favorites. We hope they bring the viewer a moment or two of peace as well. 


All Roads Lead to Rotterdam - Loose Threads of Colonial Heritage
Loose Threads of Colonial Heritage, Williamsburg chose the quilt “All Roads to Rotterdam”, designed by Shawn York of Rusty Crow Quilt Shop in Nags Head NC. The challenge was to make the quilt as is, or change it up, using your choice of fabrics and finished size. Some members made it an easy road and some took a more complicated adventure. Enjoy the member's quilts!

An Abstract Self-Portrait of Your Constant Self - Art Quilt Tribe

Reflecting on the arc of life experiences and lessons and using creativity to freely express our repeated themes we have each made a very personal art quilt. The directions pertained to size and theme, with no materials or techniques stipulated. Come and enjoy this sensational display of artists sharing their thoughts and lives in fabric and images.


Architecture: Edges - 20 Perspectives
Ildiko Bluebirds Castle20 Perspectives is a group of quilt artists that span the globe. We create quarterly challenges to share. "Edges"  comprises architecturally inspired quilts ranging from the everyday to the surreal, informed by our different locations, travels, experiences, and dreams.   From visions of futuristic and fairytales to our renditions of the great buildings of the world,  from the noise of the city to a house on the prairie to an imaginary castle,  from the abstract to the realistic and mostly in between, we strive to convey what the concept of Edges means to each of us. See more about us and all of our other collections at exhibits around the world and at www.20perspectives.com. Curated by Phyllis Cullen. Pictured: Ildiko Bluebird's Castle




Black & White + One - Colonial Piecemakers Quilt GuildQuilt Image 1
Enjoy the latest challenge from Colonial Piecemakers Quilt Guild – members were asked to create quilts that were black and white plus one other color.  Colonial Piecemakers are their celebrating their 40th year in 2024! Their mission is to promote the appreciation and interest in the art of quilting.  They provide their members with educational opportunities, member led activities, an annual retreat and more! Membership is open to everyone – whether you already quilt or are new to the craft and want to learn! 






Botany Joyful Blooms Linda LarsenBotany - Paradigm Quilt Artists
Paradigm is a group of artists from southeast Michigan. Members meet to share ideas, critique work, and organize projects. To spur creativity, we challenge ourselves to make pieces centered on a specific theme. Our most recent theme is “Botany”. We are dependent on plants for our survival. They provide what we need for our health and well-being. As artists, we study their color, form, and structure. We respond to their beauty and the restorative power of nature. The diversity of plant life is reflected in our art as we present a glimpse into the vast world of botany. Pictured: Joyful Blooms Linda Larsen




Bright and Beautiful - Main Line Quilt Guild
Bright BeautifullThat feeling when the sun is shining and you see beauty all around. This exhibit conveys that sense of joy with luminous, vivid fabrics used in a variety of quilt styles and designs. Our Guild encourages beginners, expert quilters, and everyone in between to create in their own unique ways. Main Line Quilters invites you to enjoy our quilts interpreting what Bright and Beautiful means to each of us! Pictured quilts created by Jody Beck and Carolmarie Scanlon.




Class Act - 54-40 African American Quilt Guild
Class Act Image  20240123 125541

The 54-40 African American Quilt Guild's motto is "Take one teach one", as you learn something new share with others when you can. These are examples of techniques learned in classes, retreats and online. The guild modeled their latest exhibition after these inspiring words.




Colorful Friendship ImageColorful Friendship - Country Piecemakers
The Country Piecemakers’ Quilt Guild from Powhatan, Virginia will be displaying quilts that meet the “Colorful Friendship” challenge.  Each member was asked to create a 30” wide quilt that used randomly selected color palettes. Color palettes were selected from the website https://colorpalettes.net/. Each palette included five coordinating colors. In addition to using the selected palette, participants needed to include a Friendship Star quilt block in their quilt.  To connect members, we included two copies of each palette, so the exhibit will have pairs of quilts by “Color Friends” who shared the same color palette!



Fractured - The Fabric Poets
Fractured Millies fracturedFracture has many meanings. Webster defines fracture as "to break or cause to break."  We are all familiar with the medical term "cracked or broken bone fractures."  But a fracture can change an appearance, a sound, or even a relationship.  Science also explains it as a compression of minerals creating cleavage or random pieces.  Look at your diamond ring. There are fractures deep within but we cannot see them with the naked eye.  In art, visible objects were painted broken or fractured to show a different perspective of their subjects.  This form was called Cubism.  Today, a fracture is an Internet-type of photo finishing.  And finally and sadly, it is when individuals purposely put distance between themselves.  Each of us has our own definition of FRACTURE" especially in the Art as displayed here.




Games People Play - Cabin Branch Quilters
From early childhood entertainment to frenzied Friday night lights to adultQuiltdoku by Joanne Hawk shenanigans, games play a major role in our lives.  Games are used for learning, building relationships, and escaping boredom; they can be casual pastimes, personal challenges, or hard-core competitions.  They can take place anywhere from rooms to arenas, backyards to backwoods, sandlots to stadiums.  Whether you’re a world-class competitor or Monday morning quarterback, join us in a retrospective journey through fabric representations of the games people play.   




Georgia O’Keefe Revisited - Fiber & Stitch Art Collective
storm JaneFellowsThe Fiber and Stitch Art Collective is a group of Central Virginia artists based in Charlottesville. Our works demonstrate the diversity of art quilts and unique uses of fiber and other forms of stitch art. We are committed to growing as artists while honoring our roots in quilting and related fiber and stitch crafts. Our group brings together more than 40 artists from diverse backgrounds. For several of our exhibits, we turned to the tradition of studying artists of note who have preceded us. A logical source of inspiration was Georgia O’Keeffe, given her place as a woman artist with an association with UVA. Georgia O’Keeffe, often called the first female American modernist, created an iconic body of work over seven decades. She is perhaps best known for her intensely seductive renderings of the natural world, but her inspiration and imagination ranged from the canyons of New York City to the mountains of New Mexico. We have taken on the challenge of interpreting her work in the media of fiber and stitch, inspired by her independent spirit and barrier-smashing talent. Pictured: Storm by Jane Fellows.




Household / Poetry in Cloth - Talk Ten Travels
Brillo on the Brain Marty Ornish

 Talk Ten is a group of artists who began meeting during Covid, as part of Visions Textile Museum of Art's outreach programming. The first ten people who expressed interest in meeting became the original members. We are now an independent group and meet monthly online to discuss textile art, techniques, and inspiration, and create small and large challenge projects. Household was based on inspiration from a 1940s magazine titled Household, and Poetry in Cloth was inspired by an individually selected poem. Pictured: Brillo on the Brain by Marty Ornish










I Spy: a Barn Quilt! - Barn Quilts across America for the Sunday Driver
Barn Quilts
Take a drive across America and you will find quilt blocks painted in bright, cheery colors, larger than any you or a loved one may have stitched. You may find one that speaks to you personally, possibly encouraging you to design and paint one of your own, whether you own a barn or not. Found on barns, garages, homes, or fence rows, the Barn Quilt creates a striking image. Venture through our exhibit and find a moment to think of the origin of the Barn Quilt, the memory it was designed to honor, and return home to search online for a trail near you. Gather the family, take that Sunday drive, and play "I Spy" - maybe you will win the game! Curator: Kathleen Mitchell, longarmer, Gracie’s Petunias Quilts LLC. 

Leana McHutchinsonLeana McHutchinson, who lost her battle with cancer last year,  led many of our mystery quilt-a-longs, and participated in many of the Cherrywood Challenges including the trip to see her quilt in the Van Gogh exhibit in Bohin, France.  She was an accomplished and awarded artist and had an ever-cheerful and encouraging personality.  Her quilt is pictured, left.





Inspired by Endangered Species - Curated by Donna DeSotoEndangered Species Image
Donna's work on the National Parks project led to a keen interest in studying the state of endangered plants and wildlife throughout the world. Once she came across this quote, she knew she wanted to pursue this project for her next direction:

“The continued existence of wildlife and wilderness is important to the quality of life of humans. Our challenge for the future is that we realize we are very much a part of the earth’s ecosystem, and we must learn to respect and live according to the basic biological laws of nature.” Jim Fowler, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom


Inspired by… - First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond QUUiltersInspired by Scraps by Dorothy Hollahan
Every year the QUUilters of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond, Virginia, choose a theme or technique to explore through quilt making.

Our process this year included many creative ideas and techniques by our members, however our voting process did not reach consensus for one idea for the Challenge. Thus, our Challenge this year, “Inspired by…” is to encourage our members to use their skills and creativity for their contribution to the exhibit.



The Lost Paintings - Quilts by Marilyn Belford
Lost Paintings Marilyn Beford Midnight Campfire


Before I became a textile artist, I was a painter based in Brooklyn, New York.  A collection of my paintings were displayed in SoHo galleries such as Pleiades.  When I moved out of the city, I took the paintings with me. They were stored in a barn that unfortunately collapsed, destroying the entire collection. I was inspired to create these quilts based on those "lost paintings." Marilyn Belford is an award-winning quilter, well known for her realistic fabric portraits and art quilts. Pictured: Midnight Campfire by Marilyn Belford





Monarch - Cherrywood Fabrics 2023 ChallengeKimi Madorsky.Claremont California.Got Milkweed
The iconic Monarch butterfly is in trouble. In the summer of 2022, it was put on the Endangered List. Let's change that. Not only can you plant the seeds of milkweed, you can plant the seeds of creativity. Can you do it with just eight colors? We encouraged you to push yourself creatively and think outside the box.




Music Lyrics/Musical Moods Exhibit - Quilts on the Wall
MusicLyrics Let the Good Times Roll Jeanette Floyd

The inspiration for this challenge is the fact that for every situation, music can be like a time machine.  One song - the lyrics, the melody, the mood - can take you back to a moment in time like nothing else can. It can make you smile, or bring you to tears.  It could be a song sung to you by your Mom when you were young, or a special song shared with a loved one, a song that reminds you of a special event, or a type of music that makes you want to dance in the moment. Pictured: Let the Good Times Roll by Jeanette Floyd.





My Favorite Things by Jeraldine YoungMy Favorite Things - River Country Quilters
Our MAQF challenge committee asked the guild members to choose one of Maria's favorite things from the movie, "The Sound of Music" and create a 24" x 24" wall hanging quilt. When it was announced, creative wheels started turning. One of our members even found some blue satin from our "Give Away" table and quietly announced to me with a big smile on her face, "Blue Satin Sashes!" Some of our cat lovers are excited and have secretly shared "Whiskers on Kittens." Our guild has so many gifted and talented quilters; enjoy their interpretations of one of the greatest movies ever made! 

Panel Pizzazz - It's Just Us

Panels come in every size, color, and theme. Our group is exploringFabulous Fall by Pat Garnett the creativity of panels in this exhibit. Typically, panels are designed to stand alone or be the focal center of a quilt surrounded by borders. Panels can be enhanced by custom quilting, thread painting, redesigning, restructuring and even repurposing, such as creating a rug.  Pizzazz is defined as something or someone who has an attractive combination of energy and style; sparkle, vitality, or glamour. Hopefully, we have captured the essence of pizzazz in our exhibit.


Pieced Quilts - The Virginia Quilt Museum

VaQMuseum Trip Around the World Unknown maker quilted by Becky Herdle
Some of the most beloved traditional quilt patterns are pieced patterns. Pieced quilts can vary from simple four-patch blocks to complex designs using thousands of pieces in a quilt. Enjoy seven wonderfully pieced quilts from the education collection of the Virginia Quilt Museum. From a Trip Around the World that has over 2,000 pieces to a stunning Lady of the Lake timespan quilt to a crazy quilt made with feed sacks, these quilts offer a glimpse at the beauty that can be obtained through piecing. Pictured: Trip Around the World by an unknown maker, quilted by Becky Herdle.




Quilting in Every Season - Bay Quilters of MathewsQuilting in Every Season Bay Quilters
Every month and season brings with it a special meaning.  These quilts reflect what each month means for the maker of the quilt.  Some folks think of holidays.  Others are influenced by Mother Nature, family events, or community events.  When you see the quilts, can you figure out what "season" it represents?  What season would YOU make a quilt for?




A Quarter Century of Bee-ing Together - LadyBee Quilters
LadyBee Challenge by Jody Gruendel
In recognition of our 25 years of friendship and biannual quilt retreats, the LadyBee quilters decided to have a block exchange using one challenge fabric.  Each of the 15 participants made 15 blocks of one design which we exchanged in 2022.  It was up to each of us to create a retreat quilt in our own unique design.  At the March 2023 retreat, we were surprised by the impact made when the finished quilts were grouped together and it made us want to share them further.  Note that while the group was originally mostly in Northern Virginia, members are now scattered around the U.S. and the globe. The quilt pictured above was created by Jody Gruendel.




Random Squared - Annapolis Quilt Guild
RandomSquared Annapolis
Why Random Squared? There were 2 random events that determined the challenge theme for participants. First, a magazine was randomly selected. Second, a random number was picked out of a hat. That numbered page in the magazine became their inspiration for the challenge quilt. Participants were encouraged to use colors on the page, a theme suggested by the page, shapes they liked on the page, a memory triggered, etc., and to let their imagination run wild.




RE+ - TAVA (Textile Artists of VA)TAVA RE Reimagine by Carol Monti
Two letters provide almost endless possibilities to build words ranging from “read” to “rehabilitation”. The Textile Artists of Virginia are well known for their way with words, be they as short as the 3-letter word “red” or as long as 15 letters building “repetitiousness”.

TAVA members reflected, reacted, and responded to reach real results and realize this renewable, relaxing, realm of remarkable fiber art.




Mary Ann Nailos SAT 24 Stamping It OutRhythm - Stretching Art and Tradition 24
It's often unnoticed, but without it, we would stumble and fall.  All of life has a rhythm - our gait, our sleep, our bodies.  Music, speech, and art have the concepts of rhythm as well.  Put your thinking caps on and pick out a concept or depiction of rhythm you want to explore in your SAT24 piece. Be it circadian rhythms, rock and roll, meditational rhythms, or your favorite lyrical poem; pick and identify the rhythm you will choose as the focus of your piece.  As always our extra challenge is to stretch yourself using a new to your technique.




Shape and Color in Quilting - Peninsula Modern Quilt GuildHalf Moon Harmony by Eileen Green
In 2023 Peninsula MQG celebrated our 10th or Diamond Birthday/Anniversary.  Our first challenge was the Delightful Diamonds Challenge.  Members quilts had to feature diamonds as the main design element and incorporate one of three special, randomly drawn focus fabrics.  Continuing the birthday theme, our second challenge was the Modern Monochrome Challenge.  Members had to design and create a monochromatic quilt using the color of their birthstone, a background fabric of their choice, and a randomly drawn, required technique.  We hope our exhibit sparks your own creativity!




Some Assembly Required - Allyson Allen
Some Assembly Required75% HEArt - 75% Helping Earth Art is a larger-than-life, over-the-top 16' x 16' quilted textile, completely embellished with discarded and found objects. This top half of the piece is titled SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. The hand and machine-stitched foundation is constructed from recycled draperies, bedding, clothing, and plastic fabric. The surface of the piece is embellished with all manner of found objects, including 6-pack plastic rings, pull tabs, scraps of leather, yarn, lace, produce netting, buttons, beads, and broken jewelry. It is a large-scale visual and tactile example of upcycled and repurposed, eco-friendly sustainable art.




Swimming Upstream - Quilts by Bonnie Smith
Swimming Upstream Bonnie J. Smith


Many years ago, I suffered a work-related injury. Since then, I have used swimming as my therapy.  Swimming every day helped me visualize how others were trying to swim upstream with very little help.  One day leaving the pool I decided it was time to tell my story. When the first textile was complete, I could see the artwork was just not about me but anyone swimming upstream through life.  Today the series is a total of twelve quilted artworks. Creating the textiles was liberating. My goal is for others to know they are not alone swimming upstream.





Water, Water, Everywhere - Tidewater Quilters Guild
WaterWater Some Favorite Things at the Ocean by Linda KelleyWater is essential for life – whether for human, animal, or plant life. Water can be easy and serene sparkling off a lake surface or can be rolling waves onto a sandy beach.  Water can be enjoyed by splashing in a pool or by jumping in the ocean. Water can flow in a river, can cascade down a waterfall, or can soothe like a rainy day. Water can be destructive and angry, such as a thunderstorm or hurricane. The members of the Tidewater Quilters Guild have used fabric to create their impressions of water and what it means to them. Pictured: Some Favorite Things at the Ocean by Linda Kelley.




What Do You Grow? - Richmond Quilt GuildWhat do you Grow
What do you grow?  Are you an avid gardener?  Do you have herbs growing on your windowsill?  Have you been admiring that Crepe Myrtle or Rose of Sharon as it blooms in your yard?  Are you looking forward to the leaves changing color on the maple tree across the street?  Did you pick strawberries with your Grandpa or blueberries with your Nana?  Have you loved the roses your Dad planted for your Mother?  Do you have a loved one with a green thumb?  Even if you aren’t a gardener, I’m sure you know of one, maybe even loved one. Thinking outside the box, are you growing a child into an adult?  How is that stash growing?  Are you growing a personal library or vocabulary?  Are you cultivating your memories into memoirs? This exhibit shares the guild's talents in what they grow in quilt form.



Year of the Cotton Rabbit - Peninsula Piecemakers
Since 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit we decided to challenge our guild member to design a quilt with a rabbit theme. Also, Kona Cotton always has a Color of the Year so why not incorporate “Crush” into the challenge? We knew our quilters would be up for a double challenge! Rabbits are generally calm, gentle, and loving. Rabbit people can be very ambitious and intuitively know how to get ahead in the world. They are good listeners, kind and sweet by nature, and therefore sought out as popular and trusted friends. Doesn’t that sound just like quilters? We hope you enjoy our Year of the Rabbit exhibit