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Carolina Oneto: Curves and Transparencies (3 hour WS, Thurs, 3/21/24, 4-7pm EDT)

Carolina Oneto: Curves and Transparencies (3 hour WS, Thurs, 3/21/24, 4-7pm EDT)
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Price: $65.00
ID Number : SH8-018


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Curves and Transparencies
3-Hour Workshop
4 pm - 7 pm EDT, Thursday, March 21

In this engaging workshop, participants will have the opportunity to construct a mini quilt top from the ground up, delving into the principles of Color Theory and the art of creating Transparency effects with color and fabrics. Gain invaluable insight into cutting fabrics with complex shapes and mastering the technique of joining these curved shapes using a sewing machine. This hands-on session promises to empower participants with the skills and knowledge to confidently navigate the intricate process of crafting visually captivating quilt tops.

All Levels

Printable Supply List

Students to Provide

• Basic sewing kit

2 blank pieces of paper measuring 15” x 20” (approximately) with a paperweight not less than 110 grams (14 oz) OR 2 sheets of freezer paper of the same size. (Using freezer paper makes work easier.)

Masking tape

Paper scissors



Fabric marker (erasable, can be chalk or water erasable, dont use Frixion pencil)

Rotary cutter

Quilting ruler

Thread for sewing

5 fat quarters (solids or monochrome printed fabrics) in 5 different colors that form either an analogous palette OR 5 fat quarters that are in the same color going from a lighter shade to a darker shade (5 values for ONE hue)

1 fat quarter of background fabric of your choice (Neutral will be better, like white, off-white, grey, black, beige, etc.)

• Notebook and pencil for taking notes

• Sewing machine, 1/4” foot

• Cutting mat

•Iron and ironing board

Sewing Machine Required