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Marty Ornish

Marty Ornish
Marty Ornish – La Mesa, California
Marty Ornish is a fiber artist who strives to counter the current throwaway world of fast-fashion by using what is cast-off as her material of first choice. She sees beauty in low-value, abandoned quilts and vintage linens. Using a home sewing machine, serger, and hand needles as her toolset, she cajoles fragile textiles into dramatic feminine ensembles that evoke a sense of history yet are timeless. She addresses women’s issues, environmental concerns and other social justice issues by her subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle fashion design decisions. It is never easy to categorize her work. Is she a quilter or fashion designer? Whatever she is called, discarded damaged textiles are always front and foremost in her artwork. In addition to her dramatic exhibition work, Marty-O is known for her one-of-a-kind upcycled jackets; they range from very feminine, even old-fashioned, to fanciful, and quirky. Her artwork provides the perfect excuse to do what she loves, travel and quilt. She lectures, teaches, and exhibits internationally.
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