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Lisa White Reber: Dye Boot Camp - Learn the Basics & Beyond (Full Day Workshop Thursday, 9/14/17, 9am-4pm

Price: $65.00
ID Number : PA020


In this introductory workshop, learn all the skills you need to start dyeing your own cotton fabric. This fast-paced workshop starts with a discussion of safety, and of the supplies needed to easily create gorgeous, washfast color on fabric. Then the class will practice dyeing a single solid color, then move on to color and value scales and color mixing. Both low-water and full immersion techniques will be covered, with manipulation methods introduced as time allows. Beginner level.
Materials List: Fabric – bring about 24 fat quarters or 18” to 22” squares of PFD (prepared for dyeing) 100% cotton white fabric or pre-washed muslin, or prewashed commercial white-on-white fabric. PFD fabric will be available in class. (24 pieces is the goal. If you know you are a very slow or very fast worker, feel free to adjust this number.) Containers – one for each piece of fabric - 2 cup (pint) or larger unbreakable containers with snug-fitting lids, like “Gladware” or cottage cheese or yogurt containers, plus one for rinse water; a gallon jug of ordinary tap water to dilute dyes with and rinse hands and tools; rags; a bucket or tote to carry the full containers home in. Measuring cups and spoons that are not to be used with food (see note below); disposable plastic spoons for stirring. Wear old clothes and shoes, (an apron – optional), two pairs of exam type gloves (dishwashing type – optional, they protect your wrists). Kit fee of $35 payable to the instructor includes dyes, chemicals and supplies used in class. Disposable aprons and gloves, plus additional supplies (not required) will be available for purchase. Optional kit is available for $32.50, including exam gloves, apron, six yards of fabric and measuring cup. Contact Lisa@DippyDyes.com with questions or to order the kit You can make your own disposable measuring cup if you like, using a large (pint size/half liter) clear plastic cup. Use a kitchen measure and a black magic marker, measure 1/4 cup and 1/3 cup increments into the cup, and mark a line on the cup. Then toss it when you’re done. Same with spoons – if you use disposable plastic spoons of the same size, your measurements will be consistent.