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Stacey Sharman - Modern Piecing

Stacey Sharman - Modern Piecing
Stacey Sharman - Berkeley, CA

Stacey was nine years old the first time she attempted making a sewing project with an antique, foot-powered, treadle sewing machine and it was a disaster. For a long time after that, she had a horrible fear of sewing by machine. However, after years of sewing by hand (she was the Goth girl doing counted cross-stitch samplers during lunch in high school), she conquered her fears and has been sewing by machine and by hand ever since. When she's not working on her own quilts, she's busy working at Hello Stitch Studio, a sewing makerspace, and longarm quilting service in Berkeley, CA. 

Stacey primarily works with found textiles. She likes having to work within the parameters of only using what she has on hand. A lot of her work is based on very traditional American quilt block design. Some pieces are very literal. Some are stretched beyond recognition. 

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