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David Sirota

David Sirota
Manchester, New Hampshire
I have been quilting since the early 90’s and there was one technique that I was drawn to, paper piecing. The only drawback was that it was difficult to wrap my brain around it - upside down and backwards. But once I got it, the results were exciting. Except, there was one huge drawback - the paper. So, I started thinking about how to make paper piecing simpler and faster.  And I’m proud to say that in 2004, I figured it out. My No More Tears© method of paper piecing is easier to understand and takes less time than the way paper piecing has been done traditionally.

Meissner Sewing Center is providing Baby Lock sewing machines for David's workshops.

If you are taking a workshop with sponsor provided machines, you must use the sponsor provided machine and may not bring your own machine. A portion of these workshops may contain sewing machine product information.
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