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Jennie Rayment: Go Folded Circles for Floral Fascinations! (Half Day WS, Fri, 10/16/20, 9am-12pm PST)

Jennie Rayment: Go Folded Circles for Floral Fascinations! (Half Day WS, Fri, 10/16/20, 9am-12pm PST)
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Price: $57.00
ID Number : OLCA055


Go Folded Circles for Floral Fascinations!
Half-Day Workshop
9 am - 12 pm PST, Friday, October 16

From six circles create a 12” multi petalled design. Simple in essence but great potential for experimental play. Expand and develop this novel and unusual concept for quilts, wall hangings, accessories, and home decor. Embellish and embroider by hand or machine. Appliqué to a background fabric for a fabulous pillow/quilt block. Get creative with felt circles for a delectable tactile embellishment. Suitable for every ability, it’s fabric fiddling for all. A uniquely different technique from Jennie’s latest book Material Magic. Note: Students need to print the workshop template that is available in the workshop images.
All Levels

Students to Provide

Two 3¾" x 42” strips in contrasting colors:  

(Sew both strips to make a 7” wide striped band - cut striped band into six 7” squares)

Six 7” squares in a third color: (should be contrast color to the striped band) 

Six 3” diameter (approx) circles Felt (draw around any circular object on a piece of felt and cut out. Exact diameter size is not critical.) 

Thread to match fabrics

16” sq Background fabric & wadding 

Sewing Machine + regular foot + open toe 

(Hand sewing is acceptable but less will be accomplished)

Marking pen/chalk/erasable pen in contrasting color to fabrics 

Iron and Ironing pad 

Print off and prepare 60° triangle and 6” circle templates (template may be found in the workshop images on this page)

(Cut out roughly from paper, stick the paper onto a card - cut round outline carefully. If you have a Sew Easy 60° or EZ 60° acrylic templates, or similar, this can be used as a substitute for the triangle template.)

Any queries contact Jennie Rayment  email: jenrayment@aol.com

Sewing Machine Optional