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Esterita Austin

Esterita Austin
Esterita Austin - Port Jefferson Station, NY

Internationally award-winning quilt maker, designer and teacher, Esterita Austin is best known for her series on architectural, portraiture, and old car motifs.

Her quilt "The Well" was a prize-winning piece in the American Museum of Folk Art’s international competition "Quilted Constructions: The Spirit of Design." Her work has been published in many periodicals and books, including Folk Art, the Museum's periodical; the book, Fiber Arts 7; magazines including Quilting Arts Feb/March 2007, American Quilter, and Quilters Newsletter, American Style and Distinction Magazine. Esterita can be seen on “Simply Quilts” on HGTV episode 1134. She has taught, lectured, and shown her work in museums and galleries internationally.

The use of textural and dimensional imagery has given Esterita's work a unique style. She brings creative energy to her workshops, stimulating the imagination and invigorating the soul.

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