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Adele Scott - Westalee Ruler Work

Adele Scott - Westalee Ruler Work
Adele Scott
Orleans, MA

I’ve sewn since I was five, like many of you, starting with doll clothes. I’ve been teaching sewing since I was in high school; first through community programs, then for sewing machine companies, and eventually for my own customers as a BERNINA and Viking dealer for 18 years. As part of my involvement with machines, I’ve done machine repair on household and industrial machines, which means I can troubleshoot machines in class so you can better know your machine and classes can move along smoother when issues develop.

My specialty is the breaking down of the process to help you master your machine and sewing techniques. Patiently I’ll walk you thru a new technique. I'll approach the process in as many ways as it takes until it clicks with my student. My most asked for lecture, "My Favorite Tips, Techniques and products", has led to an online shop to help you find all those useful and innovative products! I'm always happy to hear your suggestions, comments, and questions that will make our sewing fun, trouble-free, and productive.

I’m also a Westalee Promoted Instructor. I travel the US to help guilds, shops, and other groups learn about this great quilting method. I believe that “Free Motion with Rulers” on home machines is the most amazing way that we all can look like experts without the years of practicing. Ruler work is definitely here to stay!

My love for creating and passion for teaching naturally evolved into a lifelong learning about sewing machines, innovative techniques and products, and how to help you to do things easier and better.

Hence, the change to “Ask Adele”, our new company name.

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