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Cindy Oravecz: Rose Embellished Reticule featuring Rare Fabric (Half Day WS, Fri, 2/25/22, 1-4pm)

Cindy Oravecz: Rose Embellished Reticule featuring Rare Fabric  (Half Day WS, Fri, 2/25/22, 1-4pm)
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Price: $40.00
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Sorry, this session is closed. If you would like to inquire about getting on the waiting list, please call.

Rose Embellished Reticule featuring Rare Fabric with Cindy Oravecz of Quilters Fancy 
Half-Day Workshop

1 pm - 4 pm, Friday, February 25

The Rose Embellished Reticule offers an unusual opportunity to hand sew on a fabric that is extremely rare. The fabric is called aerophane. Delicate roses were sewn from this semi-transparent silk fabric for ball gowns, bonnets, purses, and decorative items circa 1780-1870.

The fabric we will sew on is not that old! I have a limited supply of rare silk aerophane circa the 1990s from India. This crepe-like fabric blooms when gathered into a flower. It has a slight stretch, tiny pleats, and is fluid. Stitches taken in hope of securing it in an exact position can be futile as it will move on its own as if filling itself with air and settling into perfect flower petals.

Hear the story of aerophane and create a winter white rose and tiny flowers for a lacey reticule 11” x 7” that can be used as an evening or bridal purse.

In this class, I am teaching a new rose technique different than roses from my book Into The Garden.

Suggested Kumihimo braided handle will be demonstrated in class. I could think of no better time to offer this special class than now to welcome back our great worldwide sewing community together for the 33rd Annual Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Virginia.  

All Levels

Required class kit
, $30 payable to instructor, includes 27” x 1 ½-inch wide strip of aerophane, 27” x 1 ½-inch wide strip of silk metal organza for practice, 22 inches of 3 ½ inches wide lace sewn for bag front, rayon lace leaves & small vines, 24 inches of ½-inch wide lace for purse top and bottom, purse backing, Venice sew-in woven interfacing for purse shaping, purse lining, crinoline, cream-colored sugar beads, beadstring, and milliner’s needles and pattern. 

Click here for a printable supply list.

Students to Provide
Silk Magic Pins and other pins, small awl and other fine tool like a very small steel crochet hook, tweezers, small embroidery scissors, small ruler/measure prefer Omnigrid 1 x 6 clear ruler, cream-colored cotton thread, cream-colored polyester thread for bag construction, Bohin Double Face Water Soluble tape makes holding lace, flowers in place easy. Pins can be used but are difficult on open lace.  An 8 ½ x 11-inch fabric/batting covered cardboard working surface pins stand up in or other surface, and optional: 2-inch wide upholstery foam cut into a 3” x 5” piece with fabric pinned or sewed over it. Make your hands as smooth as possible as these fabrics can catch on rough hands. Magnification and extra lighting recommended. Supplies available at www.quiltersfancy.com. So much can be added to this purse later -- antique or other cream or mother-of-pearl buttons and other ribbons and laces of your choosing.

Questions email cindyo@quiltersfancy.com