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PIQF 2018 Wearable Art Competition

  • Best of Show: #6011 Wedding Coat: Story about Domestic Violence by Patricia Montgomery
  • The BERNINA 1st Runner-Up Wearable Art Award:  #5007 Spring's Kiss, Hexie Bliss: A Stroll Through Peach Tree Island by Rami Kim
  • First Place Full Ensemble: First Place: #5015 Night Visions by Marty Ornish
  • Second Place Full Ensemble: #5010 Gold ‘n’ Rings by Frances Krupka
  • Third Place Full Ensemble: #5014 Odds and Ends by Gilbert Muniz
  •  Honorable Mention Full Ensemble: #5011 Frozen Land by Ahuva Libman
  • Best Machine Craftmanship Full Ensemble: #5012 Poppy Ensemble by Barbara McElroy
  • Best Use of Embellishment Full Ensemble: #5017 All I See Are Clouds (But the Sun is Not Lost) by Kusuma Sparks
  • Most Innovative Design Full Ensemble: #5004 Joomchi Coat and Hat by Sharon Cahn
  • First Place Vest, Jacket or Coat: #6008 Gothic Beauty by Kathy Knapp
  • Second Place Vest, Jacket or Coat: #6016 Blue Crystal by Betty Tang-Fitzpatrick
  • Third Place Vest, Jacket or Coat: #6005 Non-Sensical Sepia by Tamera J Failla
  • Honorable Mention Vest, Jacket or Coat: #6017 Mehndi Magic by Kristin Vierra
  • Best Machine Craftmanship Vest, Jacket or Coat: #6003 Squawk by Michele Bogovich
  • Best Use of Embellishment Vest, Jacket or Coat: #6001 Mom’s Halloween Costume by Julie E Allen
  • Most Innovative Design Vest, Jacket or Coat: #6010 Harmonious by Tonja McCarthy
  • Judge's Choice Ribbon - Frieda Anderson: #5002 Hankies All Around by Mary Boyer
  • Judge's Choice Ribbon - Brenda Gael Smith: #5008 Captivated by Cloisonne by Kathy Knapp
  • Viewer's Choice: #6004 Forever Bloom by Francis Cheng