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PIQF 2018 Mid-Century Mod Modern Quilt Competition

  • Best Mid-Century Mod:  #4041 Plain and Simple by Jodi Robinson
  • Second Place:    #4023 Wild Goose Riot by Wendy Hill
  • Third Place:  #4021 BMQG Round Robin by Marci Gore, Lynette Bartel, Kelly Orr, Jen Janisch, Ruth Beeby, & Rhonda Ludwico
  • Honorable Mention:  #4014 Maison Mondrian by Katherine Dossman
  • Honorable Mention: #4053 Squareback Anthias by Kelly Spell
  • Best Sewing Machine Workmanship:  #4034 Ollie by Melissa Miller Curley
  • Best Longarm Machine Workmanship:  #4027 That’s Life by Mary Landon
  • Best Hand Workmanship:   #4002 Blessings & Love by Suzanne Appelman
  • Best Use of Color:  #4008 Color Play One by Irelle Beatie
  • Best Use of Negative Space:  #4063 Composition 1 by Christine Yi
  • Best Interpretation of Mid-Century Theme:  #4009 Eichler Homes by Mickey Beebe
  • Judge's Choice Ribbon - Frieda Anderson: #4018 Diamond Rings by Karen Eaton Garth
  • Judge's Choice Ribbon -  Brenda Gael Smith: #4049 Rhythm of the Rails by Kristin Shields