Bobbie Bergquist
Rindge, New Hampshire

Bobbie is a quilt maker, manufacturer and educator who strives to keep things simple, quick and fun. Bobbie was the inspiration for Quilters Treasure whose goal is to give quilters an artist palette. Bobbie has successfully sponsored a mentor program bringing new designers into the quilting world and sponsor their annual “Quilters Treasure Challenge.” Visit

Ink Work Doodle, Half Day
Thursday, 9/18/2014 - 9/18/2014, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Do you remember how much fun it was to daydream and doodle and how relaxing it was? Now you can doodle on fabric and include them in your quilts. Unlike the paper we used before, which was soon discarded, you can turn your Doodles into fabric and put them in your quilts to be loved and treasured for years. You will receive a 12” pre-quilted block ready for your personal touch. Create intricate blocks with a piece of fabric and a Fabrico Ink Pen. Blocks can be used for quilts, clothing, pillows, bags and more. This workshop is fun for everyone, and appropriate for all levels. Materials List: Participants should bring pencil, eraser, ruler & any fabric ink pens you want to try. Kit fee, $25/student payable to instructor, includes 12” pre-quilted block, Ultra-Fine Sharpie, Fabrico Pen and printed directions. Email with any questions regarding this class or class supplies.
PA 017   ***CLOSED***    35.00

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*Quilts pictured above:
top row: "California Chardonnay" by Jan Rashid, "Gathering Baskets" by Margret Strauchman, "Life Goes On" by Irene MacWilliam
bottom row: "Technique Rebellion II Redux" by Melody Johnson, "Cape Primrose" by Barbra Barrick McKie, "Breadfruit in Blue Hawaii" by Connie Ayers