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Winners! Throwback Thursday Quilt Competition

  #2040 Vintage Button Bouquet by Linda Roy


First Place:  #1030 B.S. I Love You by Janet Stone                                                                                                                               Second Place:  #1024 So Much Life in a Tiny Seed by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer                                                                                   Third Place:  #1014 Checks & Balances by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry
Honorable Mention:  #1019 Hearts Desire by Valeria J Hill
Honorable Mention:  #1013 Celebration #2 by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

Best Hand Workmanship:  #1029 Van Gogh’s First Watercolor by Lisa Stachina, Nancy Devers & Lauri Centolanza

Best Sewing Machine Workmanship:  #1012 Music of the Night by Diane J Evans

Best Longarm Machine Workmanship:  #1003 Tree Trolls by Marilyn Belford

Best Use of Color:  #1002 Faces of Four Seasons by Joanne Baeth

Best Interpretation of Theme:  #1015 I’ve Been Framed by Connie Harris Farrington


First Place:  #2038 America, Let It Shine by Sherry Reynolds                                                                                                             Second Place:  #2025 Pure Joy by Michelle A Martin
Third Place:  #2043 Red Letter Daze by Janet Stone
Honorable Mention:  #2047 October Susie V Wimer
Honorable Mention:  #2009 Square Dance by Barbara Clem

Best Hand Workmanship:  2008 Elegance by Elsie M Campbell

Best Sewing Machine Workmanship:  #2007 Aunt MiMi’s Flower Garden II by Elsie M Campbell

Best Longarm Machine Workmanship:  #2042 Botanical Bliss by Deana Steel & Margie Kraft

Best Use of Color:  #2033 Lotsa Lemoynes by Daniel N Perkins & Carol Perkins

Best Interpretation of Theme:  #2019 Birds in Hand by Mandie Hartford


First Place:  #4002 Squaring the Circle by Erin Andrews
Second Place:  #4008 Le Chat de Mondrian by Connie K Griner
Third Place:  #4004 Modern DNA by Cindy Carey
Honorable Mention:  #4005 Stitched Together by Cindy Carey
Honorable Mention:  #4018 Spare Change by Betsy Vinegrad

Best Use of Color:  #4014 Electric by Krishma Patel

Best Use of Negative Space:  #4016 Read Between the Lines by Stephanie Z Ruyle

Best Interpretation of Mid-Century Theme:  #4001 Synchronized Tears by Erin Andrews


BEST WALL QUILT:  #3006 Furrealism: Dali Has Gone To The Dogs by Pauline Salzman
Second Place:  #3023 Cuppa Tea by Sheila H Riess
Third Place:  #3045 Georgia On My Mind by Diane J Evans
Honorable Mention:  #3018 It Could Have Happened by Jody H Rusconi
Honorable Mention:  #3026 'Wild' Flower Fiesta! by Sharon L Schlotzhauer

Best Hand Workmanship:  #3043 Mon Petit Baltimore by Susie V Wimer

Best Sewing Machine Workmanship:  #3037 Annabelle’s Wedding Feast by Kathleen Rountree

Best Longarm Machine Workmanship:  #3002 The Party Line by Susan Y Kappes

Best Use of Color:  #3034 The Elephant in the Room by Sandra L Mollon

Best Interpretation of Theme:  #3027 Cat Noir by Nikki Hill


Bobbie Bergquist:  #1016 Birds of a Feather by Maria Gardner
Joyce Fischer:  #3022 Trouble Will Find Me by Sheila H Riess
Phyllis Manley:  #2039 Midnight Shimmer by Christine Roseberry & Julia Quiltoff
Laura Wasilowski:  #3057 A Pigment of Our Amalgamation by Rob L Ryder & Dan Mouer

VIEWERS' CHOICE: #2038 America, Let It Shine by Sherry Reynolds