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2017 Quilt Competition Winners

Pacific International Quilt Festival XXVI

Santa Clara, California          October 12-15, 2017

Not Fade Away Quilt Competition


The Yuko Watanabe BEST OF SHOW Award:
#2071 Eternal Beauty by Sherry Reynolds

 The BERNINA 1st Runner-Up Award: #1071 Fractal by Claudia Pfeil


First Place: #1087 The Sprinter by Birgit Schueller
Second Place:  #1045 Here’s Lookin’ at You by Wendy Knight
Third Place: #1026 Garden Party #2 by Caryl Fallert-Gentry
Honorable Mentions (2):
#1068 Garden Memories by John Palmer
#1032 The Moon is Made of Green Cheese by Sue Frame

Best Sewing Machine Workmanship: #1001 Braveheart by Linda Anderson

Best Longarm Machine Workmanship: #1035 Byzantine Beauties by Tami Graeber

Best Hand Workmanship: #1064 A Bittersweet Bouquet by Marie O’Kelley

Best Use of Color: #1046 Ammonite Confusion by Kimberly Lacy

Best Pictorial Quilt: #1086 Mont St. Michel Memories by Linda Schmidt 

Best Interpretation of Theme: #1028 Sue’s Journal by Sue Fiscalini          


First Place: #2003 Supernova by Marilyn Badger
Second Place:  #2068 Old Glory Under His Wings by Julee Prose
Third Place: #2010 A Taste of Tie by Inger Blood  
Honorable Mentions (2):
#2043 Tumbling Logs by Dorothy Gustin
 #2087 828 Valence St. by Laurie Tigner  

 Best Sewing Machine Workmanship: #2082 Grandmother’s Cabin by Rahna Summerlin  

Best Longarm Machine Workmanship: #2083 Silver and Gold Series II by Betty Tang  

Best Hand Workmanship: #2042 Hawaiian Garden by Beverly Gulley

Best Use of Color: #2020 Color and Passion 1 by Geneva Foote Carroll

Best Pictorial Quilt: #2073 Hummingbirds Delight by Rosillis Rosario 

Best Interpretation of Theme: #2037 Crazy Chemo Quilt by Jean Gillette   

#3108 Jars of Clay by Sharon L. Schlotzhauer
Second Place:  #3001 Joshua is Jazz by Linda Anderson
Third Place: #3048 A Glimpse Through the Lattice – Cattails by Julia Graber
Honorable Mentions (2):
#3040 Medieval by Karen G. Fisher
#3075 Sandstone Portal by Linda MacKown

Best Sewing Machine Workmanship: #3061 Acer Macrophyllum by Lisa Jenni  

Best Longarm Machine Workmanship: #3019 Pepper Dish by Linda Burrell          

Best Hand Workmanship: #3041 A Nighttime Garden by Judie Fleming

Best Use of Color: #3105 Poinsettia by Laura Ruiz

Best Interpretation of Theme: #3091 Valparaiso Rowhouses by Randa Mulford

NACQJ Ribbon (Pat Harrison): #3088 Liz, From a Selfie by Sandra L. Mollen


Frieda Anderson:#1031 I Heard a Bird Sing by Sue Frame
Angela Madden:#2029 Flourish on the Vine by Sharon Engel
Pat Harrison:#3020 Forest Park Patrol by Rosemary Burris Dixie McBride:#3027 Sanctuary 2 by Barbara Confer
Marjan Kluepfel:#1012 River Oak by River City Quilter's Guild Pat Yamin:#2057 Garden of Blue by Karen Litvinchuk


 VIEWER’S CHOICE: To be announced on quiltfest.com.