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PIQF 2016 Quilt Competition Results

Pacific International Quilt Festival
Santa Clara, California October 15-18, 2016

Celebrating 25 Years!
“Then & Now” Quilt Competition

The Yuko Watanabe BEST OF SHOW Award: #2073 No L by Janet Stone

J. Stone-No L-FULLThe BERNINA 1st Runner-Up Award: #1043 Reborn by Molly-Hamilton-McNally


First Place: #1086 Woven Journey by Claudia Pfeil

1086aSecond Place: #1037 At the Waterhole by Sheila Finzer

1037aThird Place: #1101 Really ‘Wild’ Flowers! Third Season by Sharon L Schlotzhauer1101a

Honorable Mentions (2):
#1095 Dream a Little Dream of Me by Pat Rollie

1095a#1014 High Voltage Birds by Susan Bianchi

1014aBest Sewing Machine Workmanship: #1021 Pink Bird by Judy Coates Perez

1021aBest Longarm Machine Workmanship: #1044 Admit One to the Sands of Time by Virginia Hammon & Coleen Barnhardt1045a

Best Hand Workmanship: # 1049 Proud Peacock by Antonia Hering

1049aBest Use of Color: #1105 Prairie Sunsets by Monika Scola

1105aBest Use of Embellishment: #1102 Skyrockets in Flight Over San Francisco by Linda Schmidt

1102aBest Pictorial Quilt: #1069 Best of the N.W. by Kathy McNeil
Best Interpretation of Theme: #1006 Building Soon by Thom Atkins


First Place: #2050 Barbara’s Circle by Beth Nufer & Clem Buzick

2050aSecond Place: #2071 Illuminations by Margaret Solomon Gunn

2071bThird Place: #2038 A Tisket A Tasket by Carole Lafferty

2038aHonorable Mentions (2):
#2044 The Kind of the Barnyard Meets the Big Apple by Joanne MacNevin

2044a#2033 Baltimore Album by Frankie Hey

2033aBest Sewing Machine Workmanship: #2082 Bouquet Blanc by Michiko Yonemaru

2082aBest Longarm Machine Workmanship: #2002 Elizabeth’s Butterflies by Cory Allender & Danna Bieth


Best Hand Workmanship: #2064 Charming Chintz by Linda Roy

2064aBest Use of Color: #2018 Bubbling Sunrise Inell Dunn and Brandy Rayburn

2018aBest Use of Embellishment: #2007 Cannelle et du Chocolat (Cinnamon & Chocolate) by Eileen Billey

2007aBest Pictorial Quilt: #2019 The Heart of America by Sharon Engel

2019aBest Interpretation of Theme: #2062 Mill Brook Crossing by Patricia Robertson


BEST WALL QUILT: #3003 Yuja by Linda Anderson

3003aSecond Place: #3038 When I’m 64 by Diane J Evans

3038aThird Place: #3108 Orbiting Ovals by Beth Schillig

3108aHonorable Mentions (2):
#3009 Orange You Glad I Got the Blues? by Mel Beach

3008a#3127 Forget Me Not by Gerrie Thompson3127a

Best Sewing Machine Workmanship: #3021 Why Knot? by Tanya Brown

3021aBest Hand Workmanship: #3050 Cosmos by Janeen Herchold

3050aBest Use of Color: #3076 Flourish by Sandra Mollon3077a

Best Interpretation of Theme: #3042 Cachagua Indians by Claudia Gano


Esterita Austin: #1096 My Montana Dreams by Laura Ruiz

1096aBobbie Bergquist: #2006 Island Blossoms by Linda Bergman

2006aEti David: #3018 Autumn’s Last Stand by Rosalinda Brainerd

3018aGloria Loughman: #1038 Not Forgotten by Janet Fogg

1038aMarjan Kluepfel: #3027 Bushwhack by Judy Coates Perez

3027aDixie McBride: #3013 Golden Days by Inger Blood & Katherine Martinelli

3013aJennie Rayment: #2049 October’s Bride by Maria Monson

2049aLaura Wasilowski: #1065 A Windy Day by Yoonjung Lim

#3003 Yuja by Linda Anderson