Special Exhibits

10/2/2014 - 10/4/2014
Palm Springs, CA


Special Exhibitions


World Quilt Competition XVIII: On Tour

See the exciting international entries of the 2014 World Quilt Competition XVIII along with ribbon winning entries from the United States. This outstanding collection of quilts highlights the skills of quilters from around the world: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and North America.
Sponsored by Nashua Sew & Vac: Husqvarna Viking/Pfaff, Coats, Handi Quilter, ABM International/Innova, Sew Batik and worldquilt.com / Mancuso Show Management.

A is for Appliqué: Quilts of the Baltimore Appliqué Society
The Baltimore Appliqué Society, founded in 1993, was established to preserve the tradition of the Baltimore Album quilts of 1842 to 1862. Members seek to promote the art of appliqué and to assist in the preservation and historical documentation of these quilts. This collection demonstrates the outstanding artistry of its members. We continue to recreate the antique patterns, using measurements, colors, and fabric that are similar to the Baltimore Beauties. However, in this collection we also show appliqué designs that demonstrate a contemporary use of fabric and design.


Appearances was chosen as the theme for this Quilts On The Wall challenge in which each participant was asked to use the concept as a platform for surface design and embellishment. In addition to normal piecing, appliqué and quilting some of the techniques used include wool felting, beading, embroidery both by hand and machine, painting, dye, yarn couching, paper/textile collage, and folded fabric manipulation. Quilts on the Wall is a group of fiber artists sharing a passion for quilt art and a desire to push beyond the traditional boundaries of their medium.
Our bimonthly meetings are designed to encourage professional growth, provide a place to exchange information, explore the creative process and to educate the public on the medium of quilt art. Pictured: "Windowscape" by Sally Gould Wright.


The Blessings Series – Jennifer Bosworth

The Blessings Series was designed by Jennifer Bosworth from Shabby Fabrics. The series includes the four seasons and Christmas.  In fact, Jennifer loves Christmas so much, she made two versions of the Christmas quilt; Morning and Night! Growing up in Michigan, Jennifer noticed and appreciated how each season showcased its own special personality. From that inspiration, she was able to capture those special times and memories in each quilt.  In addition to the appliqué, each quilt features "Pearl the Dove,” a loveable little bird and plenty of darling embellishments to give the perfect finishing touch. We hope you enjoy the exhibit. Please stop by the Shabby Fabrics Booth (#225) to meet Jennifer and see more of her designs.


Blue and Then Some - the Paradise Textile Artists

The Paradise Textile Art group consists of seven artists from San Diego County.  The art quilt critique group has met and exhibited together since 2008. The members work in distinctive styles, and some are full-time studio artists while others work full-time away from their studio. The artists are Lori Anderson, Barbara Friedman, Kathleen McCabe, Janice Pennington, Noreen Ring, Mary Tabar, and Heather Urquhart.


Broad Changes: Women of Social Justice
This exhibit features 22 original works from an international group, Fiber Artists for Hope. The word “broad” is a feisty reference to women; when combined with “changes,” it implies a double meaning, since broad can mean big. This term used in our title aligns with the definition from Womanwords: A Dictionary of Words about Women (1985) by feminist Jane Mills, where she defines broad as “a woman who is liberal, tolerant, unconfined and not limited or narrow in scope.” Pictured: "Mother Jones" by Sherry Boram.


California Quilt Stars
Award Winning Quilts from Southern California Quilt Guilds

With 87 active quilt guilds in the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds we have a talented and prolific group of quilters. This collection of quilts represents the best of the best. All are award winning quilts that have been exhibited locally and many have been shown in large national/international shows. The styles and subject matter are as diverse as the quilters that created them. Welcome to quilting in Southern California!

Celebrate the Day

Is there a better way to honor a special day and celebrate than to make a quilt? We all have special days in our lives like anniversaries, holidays, and birthdays. But, people celebrate other special days like National Quilting Day, Earth Day or Secretary Day, too. That made challenge creator Shannon Shirley wonder what other special days there are to design quilts for. So, Shannon got online and found out that there are hundreds. Some are international, some national and many are very serious, but there are dozens of silly and what seem like completely random special days that are celebrated every year as well. Enjoy viewing these “Celebrate the Day” quilts.

Contoured Pixel Magic – Quilts by Tammie Bowser

When you look really close at any newspaper or tv screen you'll see pixels. Pixels are small bits of color that form the pictures. If you understand how to use pixels you can create magic in your quiltmaking! In my new book "How To Sew Art" you will find out that photo quilts do not have to be made up of boring square blocks of fabric! Learn all of the core concepts of Quilted Photography for free on my website: www.QuiltedPhoto.com.


Cool Classic Rides           
Teresa Shippy’s inspiration for Cool Classic Rides is her love for vintage. She remembers the cars we all used to drive as kids; some were hand-me-downs, however we never thought that. We were always excited to get behind the wheel of the next slightly used ride. This collection has been created from her cut-up quilts, leftover fabric painted pieces, vintage men’s ties, and wool scraps.


Diamond and Triangles from the  Pat Yamin Collection

Pat has collected quilts for over 45 years. From her collection she has several quilts with the Diamond and Triangle theme. She is sharing these for the first time with us in Palm Springs. One of her most recent acquisitions is a Lone Star Quilt from Lancaster, PA. She bought this from a well known Amish quilter. Pat was referred to her through a local business person and drove out to the country to “look” at her collection. Pat says, “I just had to buy a few from her.” We hope you will enjoy the exhibit. Stop by her booth Come Quilt With Me while at the show.


A Fiber Art Affair from the Mountain Art Quilters

The Mountain Art Quilters have had a productive and artistic year. We are presenting individual pieces as well as pieces from each of our three challenges. We are delighted with this very imaginative and colorful fiber art presentation by our members.  This year the MAQ members treat us to all manner of original designs and techniques. The Mountain Art Quilters group meets monthly in Nevada City, California in the heart of the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills.

Fiber Perceptions, an exhibit from Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists

Perception is defined as “the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.” The artist’s eye perceives something worth capturing in everyday scenes or objects; perhaps a shape or color catches their eye, a glimpse of a memory from long ago, or simply a
contrast with one’s surroundings. Things that others may see as plain and ordinary, an artist may perceive as special and extraordinary and worthy of artistic interpretation. This exhibit represents individual artistic perceptions, seen with clear vision and interpreted in a fiber medium.


Force of Nature - Quilts by Marjan Kluepfel

Marjan is an artist who uses fabric and thread as her medium instead of paper and paint...and a sewing machine instead of a brush.  Her designs are very organic and influenced by her love of nature and all its wonders.


Gee’s Bend Revisited - Two Decades Later
In 1993, a photograph of a quilter standing in front of two quilts, led to over a dozen major museum exhibits, a Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper article, countless books, and a series of U.S. postage stamps. So why are there still so many avid quilters who know little or nothing about the quilters of Gee’s Bend, Alabama? Possibly because while they were highly sought after by art collectors, they were dismissed by the national quilt community at large. These replicas by master African American quilter Allyson Allen offer us another look at some of those quilts.

Heart of the Valley Color Challenge - Country Crossroads Quilters

The Heart of the Valley Color Challenge consists of twenty-four quilts created by members of Country Crossroads Quilters of Modesto, California. Each quilt measures approximately 15” x 30” and must read as a color chosen from the Ives Color Wheel from ten feet away. Inspiration for the challenge came from a Joen Wolfram blog featuring a ‘Color Cascade’ of wall quilts by the Oregon Sewjourners. Our guild members said, “We can do that!” The results far exceeded what we had hoped for and we are proud to present ‘Heart of the Valley Color Challenge’ for your enjoyment. 



Mary Kerr presents a collection of antique quilts that are variations of the Grandmother’s Flower Garden Pattern. This 20th Century pattern evolved from the Mosaic or Honeycomb piecing of the 18th and 19th centuries. Modern women of the post WWI era were encouraged to incorporate the myriad of available fabrics into this intricate design. This collection shows a few of the variations created.


Inspired by the Masters presented by AQuA

The Art Quilt Association (AQuA) members delve into art history and find inspiration from works of master painters covering the period of the Renaissance through Impressionism. Enjoy our interpretation of the Masters.

Pictured left: "Alive" by Sondra Hodsdon Rosier



Let’s Get Creative With Quilt Labels

Every quilt tells a story ... Who made it and why? When was it made? What inspired the quilt? A well-designed label answers those questions and enhances the quilt as well. Labeling quilts was always a chore for Shannon Shirley. Now she has more fun creating simple, yet inspiring labels. See how your quilt’s style and story can inspire the label, and discover why you should label your quilts. This exhibit shares some of the quilts and labels featured in Shannon’s newest book, Let’s Get Creative With Quilt Labels.


Quilter’s Rule Tool Challenge III

Quilter’s Rule is proud to support our men and women in uniform. We created our tool challenge to: 1) Increase awareness of the Quilts of Valor program; and 2) Encourage and aid the making of quilts to be presented to our military service men and women after traveling and being exhibited at quilt shows for one year.  Then, the quilts are presented to our service men and women during.  The tool used in the quilts currently on exhibit in this third challenge is the Thirty Something Square Up designed by Gayle Bong.  For more information please visit www.quiltersrule.com/toolChallenge/tool-challenge.html.


Red Lines – Le Croissette

Red Lines is a series of small quilts unified by a red line running through each piece to form a continuous line across the surface. The quilts were designed and made by members of Free Spirits Art Quilt Group, whose members live in north San Diego County, California. We use the basic techniques of traditional quilt making and expand upon them by experimenting with new ideas, new techniques and new materials to make visual art. The red line could be implied or actual, curved, crooked or straight. Making Red Lines was a lot of fun and we think others would enjoy the experience of these quilts.


Retrospective Tour of the Signature Art Quilters     

"Mean Sisters"
by Barbara Held

The Signature Art Quilters have been together almost 20 years. When the group started, the term “art quilt” was not really recognized as serious quilting. We had trouble finding people to join us. We painted, we stamped, we beaded, we dyed our own fabric and, in the beginning, we were dismissed. Well, the quilt world has drastically changed and now the “art quilt” has taken its rightful place at shows and in the market place. As in so many instances, the group has run its course and this is our final Mancuso show tour. We are grateful for the opportunity that Mancuso Show Management has provided us for these many years.


Solar Sister Challenge Exhibit - Quilt for Change    
Organized by Quilt for Change (quiltforchange.com), this challenge showcases the work of non-profit Solar Sister (solarsister.org) that helps African women start small businesses selling solar energy products in their communities. Thanks to this, children can study at night, mothers can care for their families and run small businesses, and communities can provide basic health care. These quilts debuted  at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Quilt for Change hopes this exhibit will inspire guilds to use the proceeds from raffle quilts to sponsor a “Solar Sister Entrepreneur” and help her become an environmentally-responsible businesswoman.


The Joy of Quilting by Laura Wasilowski

Laura Wasilowski combines vivid fabrics and whimsical stories to make pictorial art quilts. She finds inspiration in her colorful, hand-dyed fabrics as well as stories of family, friends, and home. Each wall piece is made with fused appliqué, often hand-embroidered and machine quilted. Creating with fused fabric allows her work to be joyful, organic, and inventive. Laura states that, "The art of quilting gives me the freedom to express myself and to play at the same time. It’s the best job in the world!"


Viewpoints 9

Viewpoints 9 is an international, invitational, fiber art group founded in 2012. Challenges, posed by each artist, consider unique sources of creative inspiration with members sharing their interpretations on a bi-monthly, online blog. Themes include the scent of a memory, symbolism in our contemporary world, the masks we wear, and 6 more topics. The emerging narrative allows opportunities to experiment with new techniques, share each artist’s individual perspective and glimpse their creative process. Members: Sue Dennis (Australia), Mary Pal (Canada), Misik Kim (South Korea), Lin Hsin-Chen (Taiwan), Betty Busby, Lisa-Marie Sanders, Kate Themel, Martha Wolfe, and Diane Wright (USA). Visit www.Viewpoints9.blogspot.com.


The Whatever It Takes School of Quilting

 Linda S. Schmidt’s quilts and garments demonstrate the vision of The Whatever it Takes School of Quilting. How do you make waterfalls fall?  How do you make mist and sizzling fires and cresting waves that crash upon the shore?  How do you make fairies dance and buildings that look real, and how do you make scenes and abstracts that move you from HERE to SOMEPLACE ELSE? Linda uses a very wide variety of techniques and products that create realistic landscapes and people in her never ending quest for bringing her visions into the real world of fabric and thread. She doesn’t hesitate to use fabric paints, puff paints, iridescent cracked ice, heat guns, sheer fabrics, Lutradur, Shiva PaintStiks, Tsukinecko inks, melted painted cellophane, Tyvek, soy roving, Angelina and Tintzl fibers, glitter and glitter glues, metallic paint powders and 3-D paints, as necessary. Take some of her classes, and you, too, can be a graduate of The Whatever it Takes School of Quilting!  



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*Quilts pictured above:
top row: "California Chardonnay" by Jan Rashid, "Gathering Baskets" by Margret Strauchman, "Life Goes On" by Irene MacWilliam
bottom row: "Technique Rebellion II Redux" by Melody Johnson, "Cape Primrose" by Barbra Barrick McKie, "Breadfruit in Blue Hawaii" by Connie Ayers