2014 Quilt Competition Winners

3/27/2014 - 3/30/2014
Savannah, GA

QuiltFest Destination Savannah

Quilt Competition “Destination

#2029 Heralds of Spring by Joann Webb

Special Award
Best Georgia Quilt:
#2001 Christmas Remembered by Wendy Analla


First Place:
#1002 Day/Night by Sandy Curran


Second Place: #1017 Chihuly’s Gondola by Melissa Sobotka


Third Place: #1018 Letter Carriers by Janet Stone


Honorable Mentions (2):
#1013 Flower Field by Emily Parson

#1009 Skidaway Dreams by Susan J Lapham


Best Use of Color: #1008 Lantana by Mary R Keasler


Best Hand Workmanship: #1003 Caymania by Paula B Entin


Best Machine Workmanship: #1012 Wildflower by Dee Legvold & Friends


Best Interpretation of Theme: #1006 Off to Juliette’s House by Jennifer A June


First Place:
#2005 Along Loch Lomond Shores by Jan Cunningham


Second Place: #2030 Harrison Rose by Karen S Woten


Third Place: #2032 Coming Home to White Oak by Kathryn L Zimmerman


Honorable Mentions (2):
#2021 Boro III by Nancy Ota

#2004 Ken’s Lone Star by Renee Christensen


Best Use of Color: #2022 Mariner’s Compass 3 (detail) by Renee M Perlman


Best Hand Workmanship: #2024 Blue Denim by Julee Prose


Best Machine Workmanship: #2023 Pansies & Parasols by Renee M Perlman


Best Interpretation of Theme: #2003 South of Baltimore Worlds Apart by Mary L Carter


Best Wall Quilt:
#3010 Dance to the Music by Jennifer Day

Second Place: #3011 Cathedral Star by Anna Faustino


Third Place: #3024 Magnolias in a Different Light by Judy K Lilly


Honorable Mentions (2):
#3028 Sally Lightfoot Crab by Barbara McKie


#3032 Who, Me? by Ruth A Powers


Best Interpretation of Theme: #3025 Marsh Lighting by Judy K Lilly


Special Award Best Georgia Wall Quilt: #3042 Wrong Way by Ruth Anne Yax


Pepper Cory: #3018 Quilt like an Egyptian (Part One) by Nikki Hill


Robbi Joy Eklow: #3037 Geschwindigkeit (Speed) by Cheryl Sleboda


Marjan Kluepfel: #1011 Mermaid Dreams by Dee Legvold & Friends


Dierdra McElroy: #2025 Let’s Go Home by Rosillis Rosario


#2001 Christmas Remembered by Wendy Analla


Please click here for a printable QuiltFest Destination Savannah winners' list.

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*Quilts pictured above:
top row: "California Chardonnay" by Jan Rashid, "Gathering Baskets" by Margret Strauchman, "Life Goes On" by Irene MacWilliam
bottom row: "Technique Rebellion II Redux" by Melody Johnson, "Cape Primrose" by Barbra Barrick McKie, "Breadfruit in Blue Hawaii" by Connie Ayers