Special Exhibits

4/30/2015 - 5/2/2015
Denver, Colorado
Special Exhibits

Quilts by Rose E. Shipp
Founder of the African American Quilters & Collectors,

Mrs. Rose E. Shipp founded the African-American Quilters and Collectors Guild in 1988, and in 1989 the very first Table of Brotherhood was held in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday in Denver, Colorado. The Table of Brotherhood has been held annually since then. As an organization the AAQCG purposed to educate the community about the contributions of African-Americans to folk and needle art. Mrs. Shipp and Guild members held exhibits and educational gatherings to teach quilting and other needle arts. Mrs. Shipp’s children reflect that it is simply an impossible task to state what their mother accomplished. She was a pioneer, a creator and a person of artistic vision who understood the value of our past in creating the future. She believed that the key to quilting was love, and that by instilling that love in her quilts her love will be shared with all who found warmth and comfort in using them. 



Colorado Quilting Council on Parade 2015
The Colorado Quilting Council, Inc. is a state-wide organization of persons who are interested in preserving the heritage of quilting, promoting excellence in quilting and related arts, and in providing a source of information and inspiration. Meetings are held on the fourth Saturday of the month, January through October. The November and December meetings are combined and held on the first  Saturday in December. The Council’s annual quilt show, Quilt-A-Fair, is held in September, in lieu of that month’s meeting. Visit their web page, coloradoquiltcouncil.com, for information on membership and upcoming programs.
50 Shades of Gray: Gold Coast Quilters Guild, Boca Raton, FL
Gray has been described as the perfect neutral. It plays an important role in art and design. Designers often use it as a background color, utilizing light gray to replace stark white or dark charcoal gray to replace black or use any of the vast gradations of what seems an almost absence of color and it works! Gray doesn’t evoke particularly strong emotions, but pair it with passionate colors such as red, orange, or purple and it will pop! Use it with pastels and it evokes a softer, more subtle feminine sensibility. It works with just about any color. Often in the growing Modern Quilt movement, gray is employed in the design. So for the Guild’s 2014 Challenge, guild members had to incorporate at least one obvious gray fabric in their design! They could create a quilt using only gradations of gray or an obvious gray with a color or colors. Their quilt had to be a new creation, Modern, Traditional with a Modern Twist, Traditional, or Art quilt design. Over 70 members of the guild participated. Quilts were judged by Beverly Fine, National Quilting Association Certified Judge. Co-Curators were Marianne Haycook and Louise Moor.
1914-2014: US Modern Era
The 2014 Mason Dixon Quilt Professional Network Challenge
Historians categorize US history into 4 distinct eras: Colonial, Ante-bellum, Post-bellum and Modern. The challenge was to craft a quilt which depicts an event, a person, a fad, a body of work, a movement, an idea, a decade - anything which occurred in the past 100 years in or to the US! The quilts cover many historical events from the use of chemical weapons in WWI, the phenomena known as Dr. Seuss, the emergence of TV, the Space Program, Vietnam and Flower Power and the outsourcing of American jobs overseas, recognition of Native American sacrifices, to the emergence of video games, ribbons for a cause and Facebook.

Along the Spice Route         
Along the Spice Route is an exhibit of 41 wall quilts interpreting a spice used in cooking today and its country of origin. In addition to the artistic interpretation of a spice, the goal of the exhibit is to provide a learning opportunity to the origins of spices, learn the importance of early trade routes and the connection between countries. Curated by Ann Reardon and Paula Golden.

Appearances - Quilt on the Wall Fiber Artists       
Appearances was chosen as the theme for this Quilts On The Wall challenge in which each participant was asked to use the concept as a platform for surface design and embellishment. In addition to normal piecing, appliqué and quilting some of the techniques used include wool felting, beading, embroidery both by hand and machine, painting, dye, yarn couching, paper/textile collage, and folded fabric manipulation. Quilts on the Wall is a group of fiber artists sharing a passion for quilt art and a desire to push beyond the traditional boundaries of their medium. Our bimonthly meetings are designed to encourage professional growth, provide a place to exchange information, explore the creative process and to educate the public on the medium of quilt art.

Art Quilts - Which Ism? presented by Artique
We have been studying “isms’ in art for 2 years now and last year we each picked an ‘ism’ to portray-impressionism, fauvism, etc. This year we’re continuing with that except we may either portray an ‘ism’ as it was intended, or do a parody of one. Whichever, we hope to display more of what we’ve learned about art and it’s development through the ages.
A Color Runs Through It
Studio Art Quilt Associates of New Mexico
The challenge: create an art quilt, measuring 18” x 24” using any variation of black, white or gray, and any variation of one color. Who are we? Studio Art Quilt Associates is a worldwide organization that focuses on promoting the quilt as fine art. The New Mexico chapter is very active state wide, holds regular bi-monthly meetings, and is open to all. Membership information is available at SAQA.com. If you’re interested in getting into art quilting, you’re welcome to join us!

Dare to Dance: An Artist’s Interpretation of Joy
Mary Kerr is proud to present a collection of 32 art quilts that reflect individual expressions of dance and joy. Artists were challenged to create a quilt that reflected the theme, “Dare to Dance: An Artist’s Interpretation of Joy.” Each created their own personal version that told their unique story. Some quilters found joy in those happy memories with family. Some expressed their joy in overcoming steep obstacles. Others created a quilt to express support for social causes. Still others simply wanted to share the joy they feel when dancing. Each has a story to tell. You may be inspired by the design, awed by the talent or simply touched by the stories contained in these works of art. Dance is truly a means of expressing joy! The quilts in this exhibit, plus more, will be included in Mary’s new book, Dare to Dance Art Quilts (Schiffer 2014).

Diamond and Triangles from the Pat Yamin Collection
Pat has collected quilts for over 45 years and her collection includes several quilts with the Diamond and Triangle theme. One of her most recent acquisitions is a Lone Star Quilt from Lancaster, PA bought from a well known Amish quilter. Pat drove out to the country to “look” at her collection and says“I just had to buy a few from her.” We hope you will enjoy the exhibit.

Dr. Maya Angelou - A Phenomenal Woman
Known for her powerful and insightful poems, narratives, and autobiographies, Maya Angelou is quoted in languages around the world. The quilts in this tribute to her life, by Master African American quilter Allyson Allen, remind us she was also an actress, singer, dancer, filmmaker, director, producer, teacher, and civil rights activist. Dr. Angelou overcame life changing trauma as a child, to become one of the most eloquent voices of hope and inspiration of our time. She was truly the bright light of a beautiful black candle!
Eight Generations of Quilters
“My Dearest Annie, Your Papa and I are very proud of you … use the teachings of this quilt block to … blue is for …” In 1886, this note was written by my Great, Great, Great Grandmother to her daughter on her wedding day. This recently discovered letter provides information proving that instead of Seven Generations of Quilters in my family, there are Eight Generations of Quilters. The art and love of quilting has been passed down from Grandmothers to daughters and grandchildren for at least 150 years. This exhibit that includes wonderful quilts from all of these generations of quilters, is organized by Torie Anderson, 6th generation quilter.

From Ensign’s Bars to Colonel’s Stars     
The quilts in From Ensign’s Bars to Colonel’s Stars are from Renelda Peldunas-Harter’s recently released book of the same name. The book chronicles her military journey with short stories and six original quilts designed to honor the officer ranks between 2nd Lieutenant/Ensign through Colonel/Captain. The quilts honor all five of the military’s sister services: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. Renelda retired at the rank of Colonel.

The Hoffman Challenge
Started in 1988, the Hoffman Challenge has grown to be a premiere traveling quilt, clothing and doll collection. The Quilts were chosen for their creative use of the chosen fabric including prize winners from the pieced, appliquéd and mixed techniques categories. The Clothing shows the versatility of the stitchers who made a variety of garments from simple to elegant to artistic. Enjoy seeing the ways of manipulating fabric, how using metallic thread and fabric add a sparkle, and the special touches added by embellishing with buttons and other trim. The Doll Makers asked to be recognized in the 5th year of the Challenge. Notice the artistic way the challenge fabric is a part of the doll or its clothing.
Infinite Divisibility
Infinite Divisibility is the result of a Playing Outside the Block Bee challenge. Seventeen participants split in half a yard of black and white fabric to a half yard, then to a fat quarter, then half of that, and then half and half again, finally ending with a piece about 4” x 5”. Next, keeping the half yard for their own use, they round-robin exchanged the other five pieces for a good assortment. Using no more than one yard of any additional fabric and black binding, they each created a 24” x 30” vertical wall hanging.  
Inspiration - presented by SAQA - Colorado/Utah/Wyoming
Each artist submitting to this will be asked to answer the question of  why they were inspired to go beyond the rich and varied tradition of quilting? Members of the Studio Art Quilters Association in the Colorado, Utah and Wyoming region use multiple sources of inspiration: photographs, nature, color, textures, art history, personal history, social commentary, humour ... With so many sources of inspiration it is no surprise to see a wide variety of techniques when these artists present their work.  It is the goal of this exhibit to inspire others to join SAQA and go beyond the traditional quilt.
Inspired by the Beatles
To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles first visit to the United States, artists each chose a different Beatles song to portray as an art quilt. Inspired by the vast array of Beatles music and lyrics, these are a sampling of the quilts contained in the new book by Schiffer Publishing, Inspired By The Beatles: An Art Quilt Challenge. Behold the magic that happens when artists are challenged to use songs and fabric to celebrate the timeless treasures of Beatles music.
Inspired by the Masters presented by AQuA
The Art Quilt Association (AQuA) members delve into art history and find inspiration from works of master painters covering the period of the Renaissance through Impressionism. Enjoy our interpretation of the Masters.
The Introductory Tour of ARTAA
The Adirondack Regional Textile Artists’ Alliance (ARTAA) has been sharing their individual styles since 2005 when the group of like-minded artists first organized to explore, encourage, critique, and exhibit fiber as art. Sometimes inspired by a single theme, each member seeks to develop and expand her own interpretations while learning from and being associated with the others. ARTAA talents and friendships have grown over time, attesting to the notion that affiliations have a positive impact on one’s work and life. ARTAA members encourage others to form their own groups with those who express a similar interest in fiber as art.
Maps presented by Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists
We usually use maps to help us get where we want to go, but they also can tell us where we are in the universe and more about our surroundings. This exhibit features fiber art quilt pieces based on the many interpretations and uses of maps in our lives.
My Inner Self Portrait - Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists
My Inner Self Portrait is a fine arts fiber exhibit exploring aspects of self-portraiture. In this exhibit the artist was asked to look beyond the mere physical and instead present an inner view. The art work may reflect how the artist sees themselves at this time, or at a formative moment in their life. Each piece reveals something unique to the individual and at the same time, that which is universal to all.
Nineteenth Century Red & Green
presented by the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum
Among the most exquisite historic American quilts are those made in the mid-1800s. Women of the era were expected to have exceptional needlework skills, and this is how they showed them off, using the finest fabrics in fashionable red and green. With motifs reflecting the Victorians’ love for flowers and nature, these were “best” quilts, often bride’s quilts, and were cherished by the maker and passed down through her family. These fine examples of patchwork and applique, from classic to quirky, are from the permanent collection of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, Colorado (for Museum information, see page 3).
The Old Trail Town
The Textile Artists of Greater Yellowstone (TAGY)
TAGY members spent a day photographing in Old Trail Town, a small version of an old west town in Cody WY.  It is abound with old wagons, log cabins and western history.  We used those photos as inspiration to make what is now known as The Old Trail Town Exhibit.
Quilters Treasure Challenge 2015
The winning entries of Quilters Treasure’s 11th Annual Challenge are announced at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. The theme was “My Favorite Holiday” and entrants were to use the challenge fabric “Holiday Green” from the Quilters Treasure line of fabric. A Wearable Art category was added in 2006. Sponsors for this challenge included Singer Sewing Machine, Hobbs Bonded Fibers, Quilters Rule, Barb’s Original, YLI Thread and Morgan Products. Quilters Treasure 11th Challenge deadline is December 31, 2014. Visit www.QuiltersTreasure.com for details and an entry form.
Sheep Behaving Baaadly - Mid-Atlantic Quilt Exhibitors
Yes, you heard correctly! What happened when ewe challenge all skill levels of quilters to depict sheep behaving baaadly? A dozen quilts of nefariously sheepish content! The flock is a true cross section of quilting skills - from the true beginners (you have to start somewhere!) to professional quilters. Graze with these quilts for awhile and you’ll fall in love. Join the flock of singing, munching, meth-ing, politically incorrect, orange is the new blaaack, ewe of the evening and much more!
The Tactile Challenge
The Textile Artists of Greater Yellowstone (TAGY)
Each member of TAGY was challenged to use at least two new techniques to add texture to their art piece.  All pieces were to be 18” X 24” and the subject was left up to the individual artist.

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*Quilts pictured above:
top row: "California Chardonnay" by Jan Rashid, "Gathering Baskets" by Margret Strauchman, "Life Goes On" by Irene MacWilliam
bottom row: "Technique Rebellion II Redux" by Melody Johnson, "Cape Primrose" by Barbra Barrick McKie, "Breadfruit in Blue Hawaii" by Connie Ayers