Special Exhibits & Demonstrations

2/26/2015 - 3/1/2015
Hampton, Virginia


Special Exhibits


50 Shades of Gray
Gold Coast Quilters Guild, Boca Raton, Florida

Gray has been described as the perfect neutral. It plays an important role in Art and Design. Designers often use it as a background color, utilizing light gray to replace stark white or dark charcoal gray to replace black or use any of the vast gradations of what seems an almost absence of color and it works! Gray doesn’t evoke particularly strong emotions, but pair it with passionate colors such as red, orange, or purple and it will pop! Use it with pastels and it evokes a softer, more subtle feminine sensibility. It works with just about any color. Often in the growing Modern Quilt movement, gray is employed in the design.  So for the Guild’s 2014 Challenge, guild members had to incorporate at least one OBVIOUS GRAY fabric in their design! They could create a quilt using only gradations of gray or an obvious gray with a color or colors. Their quilt had to be a new creation, Modern, Traditional with a Modern Twist, Traditional, or Art quilt design. The minimum size was 36” by 36” or a perimeter of 144 inches and a maximum size of 96” by 90”. Over 70 members of the guild participated. Quilts were judged by Beverly Fine, National Quilting Association Certified Judge. Co-Curators were Marianne Haycook and Louise Moor.


Children’s Artwork Quilts    

Quilts, by their very nature, evoke a myriad of emotions. Shannon Shirley’s Children’s Artwork Quilts reflect pure joy! You cannot help but smile when you look at the variety of textiles she has created to immortalize our children’s creativity. She has found a way to capture the very essence of children’s talents and the inherent pride in their artwork. Everyone has at one time, received a precious piece of children’s artwork. These come from our children, nieces, nephews or a special little one who lives down the block. They are presented to us as priceless works of art and we often lament the fact that these scraps of paper do not stand the test of time. Shannon has given us a way to allow these treasured pieces to bring us joy for many years to come. This collection of quilts is from Shannon’s new book, Creating Children’s Artwork Quilts.


Compelled - Anna Hergert, Canada

Bonavista Sunset

A Canadian landscape portrait in 3-D textile art features selected works capturing Canada’s geographical diversity from coast to coast, from British Columbia to the country’s most eastern point at Cape Spear in Newfoundland. Compelled was created to raise awareness. Compelled reflects personal impressions while traveling on and off the Trans-Canada Highway, internalizing the breath-taking scenery, and in turn portraying selected virtues and shortfalls of each province explored. Compelled captures these experiences in fiber and stitch. Compelled incorporates materials and supplies that are re-purposed to add interest and depth whenever appropriate while at the same time bringing into consciousness the importance to re-use and preserve nature for future generations.


Dare to Dance:  An Artist’s Interpretation of Joy
Mary Kerr is proud to present a collection of 32 art quilts that reflect individual expressions of dance and joy. Artists were challenged to create an 18” x 30” inch quilt that reflected the theme, “Dare to Dance: An Artist’s Interpretation of Joy.” Each created their own personal version that told their own unique story. Some quilters found joy in those happy memories with family. Some expressed their joy in overcoming steep obstacles. Others created a quilt to express support for social causes. Still others simply wanted to share the joy they feel when dancing. Each has a story to tell. You may be inspired by the design, awed by the talent or simply touched by the stories contained in these works of art. Dance is truly a means of expressing joy! The quilts in this exhibit, plus more, will be included in Mary’s new book, Dare to Dance Art Quilts (Schiffer 2014).


Dr. Maya Angelou - A Phenomenal Woman

Known for her powerful and insightful poems, narratives, and autobiographies, Maya Angelou is quoted in languages around the world. The quilts in this tribute to her life, by Master African American quilter Allyson Allen, remind us she was also an actress, singer, dancer, filmmaker, director, producer, teacher, and civil rights activist. Dr. Angelou overcame life changing trauma as a child, to become one of the most eloquent voices of hope and inspiration of our time. She was truly the bright light of a beautiful black candle!


The Fabric Poets

As fabric poets we desire to tell stories through our work. First, by dissecting a harbor village and reconstructing it - each in our own, individual way. Second, we used different body parts to express emotions and/or events.


Fantasy Garden - Tidewater Quilters’ Guild

Quilters like gardeners strive for “perfection” in their endeavor to bring beauty, fun, and soulfulness into their work and lives. They combine knowledge and experience with love of beauty, and a free-spirit to cultivate a framework as a basis for all their creations. As the gardeners dig and hoe, quilters cut and sew, both cultivating their passions into full-bloom then spreads seeds of goodness and beauty everywhere. What will you grow in your garden....?


First Thursday Night Bee

First Thursday Bee is a group of ladies who make traditional to art quilts and everything in between. Every year we have a challenge or two. This year we had a mystery quilt challenge and a UFO challenge.


Friends Helping Friends - The Other Women

The “Other Women” quilters originally formed in the Richmond, Virginia area, and many of us still live in the area. Our meetings were not a part of our “normal” quilt groups. This exhibit showcases our fifth round of group quilts and quilts that needed a little help from our friends. We hope you enjoy our quilts and just maybe one will help you too ... because every stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.


The Hoffman Challenge

Started in 1988, the Hoffman Challenge has grown to be a premiere traveling quilt, clothing and doll collection. Sponsored by Mancuso Show Management.

The Quilts were chosen for their creative use of the chosen fabric including prize winners from the pieced, appliquéd and mixed techniques categories. The Clothing shows the versatility of the stitchers who made a variety of garments from simple to elegant to artistic. Enjoy seeing the ways of manipulating fabric, how using metallic thread and fabric add a sparkle, and the special touches added by embellishing with buttons and other trim. The Doll Makers asked to

 be recognized in the 5th year of the Challenge. Notice the artistic way the challenge fabric is a part of the doll or its clothing.


Honoring 19th Century Quilters - The Churn Dashers of Tidewater Virginia

The Churn Dashers of Tidewater Virginia, organized in 2006, is a diverse group of quilters who have a strong interest in 19th Century quilt designs, textiles, women’s lives, and the spirit of America during this time period. The Churn Dashers, named after our first block, meet periodically to exchange blocks made using 19th Century reproduction fabrics with emphasis on the 1830-1880 period. Each exchange day is a planning session to decide the next block to be made. Inspiration for the next block comes from antique quilts in museums, reference books, and private quilt collections. Our standard: Always do your best work! Organized by Nancy Shrout and Nan Losee.


Inspired by the Beatles
To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles first visit to the United States, 150 artists have each chosen a different Beatles song to portray as a 24” x 24” fiber art quilt. Inspired by the vast array of Beatles music and lyrics, these are a sampling of the quilts contained in the new book by Schiffer Publishing, “Inspired by the Beatles: An Art Quilt Challenge”. Behold the magic that happens when artists are challenged to use songs and fabric to celebrate the timeless treasures of Beatles music.



Modern Medley - Richmond Modern Quilt Guild 

Our goal is to encourage and inspire creativity and friendship in the Central Virginia quilting community with an emphasis on contemporary/modern techniques and styles. Our group has a wide range of artists and quilters; from beginners to experts, whose work is a medley of style, color and techniques. Our diverse backgrounds give rise to an “anything goes/lets try it” attitude, so the Modern Medley exhibit is our way of turning traditional to modern, old to new. Visit www.rmqg.net.


My Favorite Things - Cabin Branch Quilters & Stonehouse Quilters

What is one of your favorite things? A pattern, color, technique or embellishment? A morning cup of coffee? Birds at the feeder? A sunset? A child or grandchild? Maybe it was that summer where you spent all your time catching up on your reading – a beach chair and a drink with an umbrella kind of vacation. I know teachers are thinking about that voice on the radio saying, “School is cancelled due to snow.” Pick your favorite fabrics, photographs and frills and create a quilt that shares with us one of your favorite things. Cabin Branch Quilters meet on the 4th Monday of the month at Lake Ridge Baptist Church in Lake Ridge, Virginia. The web site is www.cabinbranchquilters.org. Stonehouse Quilters meet on the 2nd Monday of the month at the Manassas Baptist Church in Manassas, Virginia. The web site is www.stonehousequilters.org. Visitors are always welcome.


Nifty Fifty Challenge - Annapolis Quilt Guild

The idea was to create a quilt or wearable item that represents something or some place from one of the 50 states or Washington, DC. The rules were that the item must be completed in time for our May 2014 meeting. The size of the quilt was limited to a perimeter of 160 inches.  All entries had to be made entirely by the quilter and there could be no words telling the name of the state. The winners are chosen by written ballot at the May meeting. The Annapolis Quilt Guild has a number of community service projects including dressing Salvation Army bears and making quilts for the children who get the bears, making over 500 Beads of Courage bags for seriously ill children, making mastectomy pillows and knitting scarves for mastectomy patients, and knitting hats and mittens for newborns. We also make Quilts for Kids.


Priceless - Textile Artists of Virginia

Only the heart knows what is beyond the mere value of money. Join the members of the Textile Artists of Virginia (TAVA) for their personal, compelling and passionate interpretations of this topic. TAVA supports each member as fiber artists, explores boundaries of the medium and works to educate and increase public awareness of fiber art. Visit textileartva.com/tava.


Quilters Treasure Challenge 2015

Holiday Green

The winning entries of Quilters Treasure’s 11th Annual Challenge are announced at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. The theme was “My Favourite Holiday” and entrants were to use the challenge fabric “Holiday Green” from the Quilters Treasure line of fabric. A Wearable Art category was added in 2006. Sponsors for this challenge included Singer Sewing Machine, Hobbs Bonded Fibers, Quilters Rule, Barb’s Original, YLI Thread and Morgan Products. Quilters Treasure 11th Challenge deadline is December 31, 2014. Visit QuiltersTreasure.com for details and an entry form.


Retrospective Tour of the Signature Art Quilters      

Mean Sisters by Barbara Held

The Signature Art Quilters have been together almost 20 years. When the group started, the term “art quilt” was not really recognized as serious quilting. We had trouble finding people to join us. We painted, we stamped, we beaded, we dyed our own fabric and, in the beginning, we were dismissed. Well, the quilt world has drastically changed and now the “art quilt” has taken its rightful place at shows and in the market place. As in so many instances, the group has run its course and this is our final Mancuso show tour. We are grateful for the opportunity that Mancuso Show Management has provided us for these many years.


Scenic Virginia from a Bicycle - Richmond Quilters Guild

Such excitement for Richmond! World Road Cycling Championships are coming for a nine-day event September 19-27, 2015.  Bicycle riders will travel down Monument Avenue, cross the Lee Bridge, run through Richmond, Henrico, Hanover, and via Route 301 to Kings’ Dominion. Some races will travel Battlefield Parks, Osborne Turnpike and New Market Road. Steep hills will include historic Libby Hill and Governor Street behind the Executive Mansion. The course will be passing some of the most beautiful treescapes and landscapes and open fields you’ll ever see. The quilts in this exhibit were inspired by the race.


Scrapbook Challenge – You Cannot Buy Anything!

Colonial Piecemakers Quilt Guild 2014 Challenge

How’s that for a challenge?  You cannot buy ANYTHING – not even batting!  Members of Colonial Piecemakers rose to the challenge to create a 36” x 36” quilt inspired by our favorite books completely from supplies on hand or those that they could swap with other members.  This puts to the test those who claim that they have Stash Beyond Life Expectancy!


Solar Sister Challenge Exhibit - Quilt for Change      
Organized by Quilt for Change (quiltforchange.com), this challenge showcases the work of non-profit Solar Sister (solarsister.org) that helps African women start small businesses selling solar energy products in their communities. Thanks to this, children can study at night, mothers can care for their families and run small businesses, and communities can provide basic health care. These quilts debuted at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Quilt for Change hopes this exhibit will inspire guilds to use the proceeds from raffle quilts to sponsor a “Solar Sister Entrepreneur”

 and help her become an environmentally responsible businesswoman.



Tessellations - First Unitarian Universalist Church Quuilters

The First UU Quuilters come together monthly to sew, talk, learn and create, and to help make the world a better place. Members contribute time and fabric to making preemie baby quilts, care quilts for those who are ill, gift quilts and stoles for First UU ministers, raffle quilts for fund raisers, and boutique items to raise funds for these quilting service projects. There are about 20 very active members, from beginners to senior expert quilters.  For 2013-14, our challenge was Tessellations; designs in which each component shares a border with the next component, without any overlap or gaps between the shapes. The First UU Quuilters 

have stretched their design and color senses and have created a wide variety of tessellation quilts. We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed making them!


This Is My Modern Quilt - Peninsula Modern Quilt Guild

Our 2014 Quilt Challenge is titled “This Is My Modern Quilt.” Members were challenged to choose one print and unlimited solid fabrics to represent a modern twist on old favorites or design their own modern designs. The PMQG is a new guild located in Hampton, VA. As part of the Modern Quilt Guild, our mission is to support and encourage the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education, and service to our community. Learn more at http://peninsulamqg.blogspot.com.


Ugly Fabrics to Beautiful Quilts - Peninsula Piecemaker’s Quilt Guild

The annual challenge this year started when we each brought 36 six-inch squares of ugly fabric to a meeting where we played a version of musical chairs – passing the bags until told to stop.  We then removed two squares from the bag we were holding and continued passing the bag.  When the bags were empty, we were told the Challenge was to make a quilt no larger than 50” on a side with at least 10 of these ugly squares.  You could add any other fabrics to the quilt that you wanted.  Visit www.ppqg.org for information about the Guild.


When Rivers Unite and The Color of Inspiration

River Country Quilters, Gloucester, Virginia

Life on the river is exciting and full of color.  Our inspiration was a love of our rivers and a quest for understanding color theory.  First, we created a 12” by 36” slice of River Country, depicting what living with our many rivers means to us.  To wrap you in River Country, these quilts hang close together, creating one collaborative quilt.  Second, we created a color wheel.  With so many beautifully colored fabrics available, we all need a color reference source in our studios.  Each quilt includes at least 6 colors: 3 primary and 3 secondary.  We hope you enjoy the many colors of River Country!


Instructors’ Row

This exhibition will give a sampling of the work of some of this year’s instructors at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. It is a great way to enjoy the broad range of talent and creativity among the instructors at the Festival.


Fiber Arts Demonstrations

The Golden Thimble Needlecraft Guild

The Golden Thimble Needlecraft Guild is an independent guild located in Hampton, Virginia, for 40 years. Our mission is to provide a forum for learning any technique done with a handheld needle. We meet at 10 AM on the second Tuesday of the month, September through May, at First Christian Church, 1458 Todds Lane in Hampton. Our meetings consist of a business meeting and a needlework related program or workshop to introduce techniques and projects. Our annual membership dues of $15.00 subsidizes the printing and mailing of our monthly newsletter, meeting expenses, teacher fees and miscellaneous costs. We welcome guests to our meetings. For further information call (757) 850-2843 or visit our Facebook page - Golden Thimble Needlecraft Guild.


Traditional Rug Hooking

The James River Rug Hookers
& the Shockoe Slip Rug Hookers

A fiber art form which traditionally uses wool fabric to create rugs, wall hangings, pillows, etc., many rug hookers have followed quilters in exploring new materials and techniques. These two guilds will demonstrate how hooked rugs are made. The public will have an opportunity to try their hand at hooking!




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*Quilts pictured above:
top row: "California Chardonnay" by Jan Rashid, "Gathering Baskets" by Margret Strauchman, "Life Goes On" by Irene MacWilliam
bottom row: "Technique Rebellion II Redux" by Melody Johnson, "Cape Primrose" by Barbra Barrick McKie, "Breadfruit in Blue Hawaii" by Connie Ayers